submit a prompt

Prompt Submission

Prompts are available through events and as seasonal activities to earn Esse.

You can submit a prompt by clicking "Submit" > "Submit Prompt" on the top right of the site.

Fill out the form like so:

  • Prompt
    The prompt you are entering for
  • Submission URL
    A link to the image. It doesn't matter where it's hosted (discord, imgur, etc)
  • Comments
    Optional. You can leave this blank.
  • Rewards
    Default rewards do not need to be added here!
    • If a prompt offers an extra award for bonus objectives completed, add them here!
    • If you have companion rewards for a cameo'd pet/mount please add a bag of comfort/care, respectively. You can only earn one pet bonus and one companion bonus once each for a single prompt.
    • If you fail to add your bonuses, we will do our best to correct such issues, but cannot guarantee your rewards!
  • Characters
    For art or literature, you should add every character. For collaborations or roleplay logs, ONLY add your own characters, as your collaborators will be submitting their own versions.
  • Add-Ons
    This can normally be disregarded, unless you're using an item with a prompt to boost your loot (such as submitting a wager for extra raffle ticket).


submit a claim

Claim Submission

Claims are used to make inventory requests that can't normally be filled automatically by the site. You can use claims to:

  • Fix an error with your masterlist entry or inventory
    • Ownership
    • Trait details
    • Image versions
  • Update a character using an upgrade item when the visual appearance of the character doesn't change
  • Submitting a late prompt entry when you have an extension granted
  • Claim items or currency which are owed
  • Fix an error with rewards

And more! You can use a claim for anything to ask a mod to help you with a site issue. Submit a claim by clicking "Submit" > "Submit Claim" on the top right of the site.

  • Submission URL
    A topic such as MYO Slot creation, or an image such as a screenshot of the issue, Optional.
  • Comments
    Please explain your issue in full.
  • Rewards
    Rewards can be added if you are asking for items or currency to be adjusted. You can add raffle tickets and awards here too!
  • Characters
    This is for rewarding character EXP, assigning trait updates or changes, or other character related issues. You can add the character that is the focus of the issue, but if not it doesn't matter and you can leave this blank.
  • Add-Ons
    This is for items from your inventory if you are spending them, such as a Fysa I or Aria I.