Terms of Service

the rules and terms of participating in the world of orrison


We reserve a right to update the terms of service in the future.

Participants (defined as those who own or plan to own characters or designs as part of the World of Orrison) agree to follow the Terms of Service by purchasing (or otherwise trading, creating, or accepting) a World of Orrison character design. Their right to the designs remain in tact as long as the ToS is followed. A breach in the ToS may be cause for blacklisting. Blacklisted individuals lose their rights to a design and all future offers of characters in World of Orrison. Aside from this exception, designs will NOT be forcefully reclaimed for any reason.

Due to content and the potential of monetary transactions, participants agree that they are 18 or older, or will provide proof or permission from their legal guardians.

In scenarios where you may get warnings, it will explicitly state that you get strikes. After a third strike (on the fourth strike), a person is blacklisted. Strikes for different offenses stack together (ex: if you got a strike for harassment, and a strike for plagiarism, that is two strikes total).

Default Sale ToS

Artists are allowed to set their own ToS that overrides this section. Please check the deviation description of sales just in case, but these guidelines give a good idea of most sale rules.

  • No refunds on sales unless agreed upon by the artist/seller.
  • We may request that buyers have an online presence (dA, toyhouse, discord, twitter, etc) older than 3 months, or have an old account to show the seller. This is to prevent scams and fake accounts.
  • Buyers must pay within 24 hours of an invoice being sent, unless a different deadline is agreed upon by the artist/seller.
  • You may edit comments, but please refrain from doing so if someone's already bid against you.
  • Please do not hide comments that are bids. Contact the seller to get them to hide a comment for you.
  • Charge backs are an instant blacklist and ban. All your designs will be repossessed.

Participants Agree...

  • ... To follow all set group rules, moderator decisions, and Terms of Service for World of Orrison.
  • ...Not to harass fellow members. Issues should be addressed privately, not publicly, or brought up with the moderators through group notes. Offenders will get a strike.
  • ... Not to claim the species as their own, nor to steal or copy the species' unique combination of physiology and lore. Anyone who creates ripoffs or wrongly pretends to be a creator/designer will be blacklisted.
  • ... Not to plagiarize or steal intellectual property (including both art and design). We can understand being inspired, but strongly discourage blatant copying and will enforce bans if needed. Offenders will get a strike.
  • ... To get permission to use other people's art (especially in reference sheets) and CLEARLY STATE when another person's art is being used. There is some leeway with character hub sites like toyhou.se, but you are still required to credit the artist. Offenders will get a strike.
  • ... To be appropriate. We do not ban 18+ and NSFW content from the group, but PLEASE censor all sensitive material or use toyhouse/deviantArt/discord's mature content filters, and give proper warning. Offenders will get a strike.
  • ... To be fair, be courteous, and be respectful. Do not encourage drama. Offenders will get a strike.
  • ... All submissions to the group will be related to the group. Offenders will get a warning, repeat offenders will get a strike.
  • ... Refunds are not accepted unless agreed upon by BOTH buyer and seller.

Design Owners...

  • ... May make updates to a design following the rules.
  • ... May Trade, Gift, or Resell (for resale value determined by the masterlist) the design following the rules.
  • ... Are allowed to make derivatives of existing designs when creating relatives (parents, children, etc) or alternate universe versions of their characters. All derivatives (including human au's, animal au's) are soul-bound to the original design and follow the ToS of the original seller.
  • ... May NOT use designs commercially without Juni and Cory's permission.
  • ... May NOT repost art to content sharing sites without the creator's permission (including as reference sheets) and without crediting the original artist. You are free to archive works in character hubs such as toyhou.se while still crediting artists/designers.
  • ... Are allowed to use designs in non-commercial AU's and other headworlds, as long as credit for species is still given.

Creators of Designs...

  • ... May keep rights over their artwork, and are able to use it for promotional and commercial purposes (commission examples, portfolio work, etc).
  • ... May set their own terms of payment or terms of service.
  • ... May reclaim their designs if the ToS is breached.

Privitization & Transformation

Privatization (also known as voiding) here refers to the change of a design into something like a "one off" design. Transformation here refers to changing a design's species. To privatize a design, please DM @orrison with the title of "Privatization" and include a link to the masterlist entry. The entry will be archived. To transform a design from one species to another, please note the group with the title of "Transformation" with a link to the masterlist entry as well as proof of permission (aka an MYO slot for closed species).

  • Transforming World of Orrison designs into one offs requires that the design no longer resembles the species.
    • One can change the design into a human
    • One can edit the physiology of the creature to be more unique
    • If they hold no resemblance to the closed species of World of Orrison, they are no longer bound by World of Orrison's ToS
    • They may remain bound by the original creator's ToS however
  • Privatized designs cannot be 'imported' back into the group freely
    • An MYO slot may be purchased to "regain" closed species status
    • Owners of privatized designs should not advertise them as being a World of Orrison adopt for trade value/closed species value.
  • Owners of privatized designs have the use rights determined by their original creator's ToS. For Juni and Cory, they may use their designs in personal, non-commercial works and some commercial independent works (ex. webcomics, small games, stories) with permission from Juni and Cory, but may not claim the species as their own OR sell Orrison species of their own.
  • Privatized designs may be edited freely and without seeking permission or updating the masterlist
  • Privatized designs lose all transfer rights as a closed species. You can gift/trade/sell them to others as the creator's ToS (not Orrison's ToS) permits, but they will not be tracked by the masterlist and are considered "non-canon" to Orrison's world.
  • Transforming a design to another species requires proof of permission (normally just an MYO slot) from the new species' creator.
  • Transformed designs cannot be 'imported' back into the group freely
    • An MYO slot may be purchased to "regain" closed species status
  • Transformed designs follow the following ToS
    • the original creator's ToS
    • the new species' owner's ToS
  • A design of one Orrison species can be 'transformed' to another (ex: Leyr to Luto) by purchasing an Old Mask in the Esse Shop.