gifting, trading, and selling

Design Value

There are three types of transfers: Gifting, Trading, and Selling.

A design's permissions are displayed on their masterlist entries. Designs that were from FTO slots are account locked, but many others are able to be traded or gifted to others.


Only designs that originally sold can be resold, but a design retains its original sell price regardless of if it is traded, gifted, or sold for a lower amount.


Designs that cannot be sold can still be vouchered for otherĀ Orrison designs, up to $150. Unsellable designs cannot be vouchered for non-Orrison designs.


The design value of a sellable adopt can be raised by moderator appraisal-- a mod will determine a new resale price based on the design's art. Art is graded by the following: commission value, universal use (how easy it is for a new person to apply the old art to a new character), and quality of finish. Then this is averaged with the current average sale price of the species, and depreciation is added to the final tally. To request appraisal, submit a claim with a link to the appropriate images and their commission values, or a link to a character's gallery which has artist credits (like toyhouse).


We do not allow co-ownership of designs. Sorry!

Character Transfer

Transfers are for one-way sending of a character.

The other user receives the character as soon as they accept it and a mod approves it. You do not receive anything on the site in return. You would use Character Transfers if you were reselling a design and had already received money, if you were trading it for another closed species with an off-site masterlist and had already confirmed the trade, or if you were gifting it to another user.




Trades are for two-way exchanges of characters, items, or currency on the site. This is a secure way to complete trades.

After trades have been confirmed and submitted, a moderator may need to do a final review of your trade.