The Land

the continents of orrison

The landmass of Orrison is said to resemble the true form of Fys.

Anyone is allowed to make their own towns for characters to come from or live in-- these are the landmarks and cities that are consistent across canon though!


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The continents are divided into the following areas: The Head, The Wings, The Claws, The Tail, and The Egg.

There are pinterest boards for inspiration for each area.

The Star System

orrison, its star, and its moons

Orrison (meaning 'circles' in the old tongue) is the only habitable planet in the system.


the star/sun named after the deity of time
Jiahem, the moon
Mylic, the larger moon
Ilya, the smaller moon
Ronos, the moon
Kheir's Wings
the asteroid belt

The asteroid belt protects many of the inner planets from collisions of stray projectiles.

The time of year can be tracked by the two moons. The moon cycle of Ilya (smaller, further moon) takes a full year, the new year happening on her new moon phase. The moon Mylic (larger, closer moon) revolves around Orrison once a month, each new moon marking the beginning of a new month (months are called faces). For simplicity, Faces will have the same names as ours (January - December) but it is considered a translation.

In the Age of Preiyer, a colony was established on Mylic's near side. Using teleport pillars, travelers could move between the two planets, though the passage took the time of several hours. Although Ilya could be reached, Ilya is mostly made of ice and rock, and the valuable minerals are harder to reach, thus it was less ideal to populate first. Ilya is also further away from the 'atmosphere' of Fysa surrounding Orrison, and lacks as strong a magical field, making it less viable for life.

The moon colony was used as a haven of retreat when Orrison was uninhabitable, however the teleport TO the colony broke due to the mass overload of use. The teleport FROM the colony also no longer works due to running out of energy, though it could be powered if energy sources were brought there.

At the moment, there is no technology that can breach the magic-heavy atmosphere of Orrison except for teleportation.

The Weather

the atmosphere and environment of orrison

Two magic energies exist in Orrison: Fysa and Aria. Fysa is generally considered the magic of life and preservation, while Aria is the magic of death and change.

A spear of Fysa and Aria runs through the core of the planet and it is called the Spire. It used to be purely of Aria, a structure which generated powerful Aria storms, however it has since been shattered. Ever since, the spire has instead released wave after wave of a thick, fysa miasma, which come at regular intervals.


This miasma is caught by the rain, turning it black and iridescent. This rain falls to the planet. Both the miasma and the fysa rain are poisonous, like acid rain, and cause the effects of fysa poisoning, and protective gear (masks, suits, gloves, etc) is recommended when moving through such weather. Aria crystals can also ward off the effects of the mist when music is played around them, and these can be fitted onto carts, zeppelins, and ships to allow for safe passage.

Luckily, though the miasma is much thicker and heavier than normal mists, rains will disperse it slowly and when there is no more miasma left the rains run clear and good. New miasma rolls out about once a month, and clean rain will fall around halfway through said month.

Miasma can reactivate old tech ruins, and even cause circuit overloads in magic devices. It is strong enough to create feral daemons where the rain hits the earth and pools too deeply. Although Daemons are temporary creatures, the damage they can deal is still very real while the storm is present, and they can gorge themselves off of both magic energies to prolong their existence.


Many creatures on Orrison naturally use Fysa as an energy source, however too much Fysa can cause rapid cellular destruction and illness. Magic poisoning can be viewed similarly to nuclear poisoning.

Fysa rain is an irritant due to the unusual magic concentration, and those who stay in the rain for too long can get mildly sick. It doesn't affect the existing fauna/flora, which has had three centuries to adapt or die and then flourish in the changing environment-- the sentient refugees of Orrison however are just now having to adapt to the planet.

Thankfully, the ability of flora to filter the fysa contaminated water has been a boon to the survivors. Fresh water can be found through plants, or through underground reservoirs which have been purified through filtration of the fysa through the soil.