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Uploaded: 8 February 2021, 01:04:07 CST
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8 February 2021, 01:04:07 CST

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Default flavortext is optional:

Make an mount in the World of Orrison.

Characters made using an MYO slot may be completely revamped at any time.

Mounts are any rideable creature on Orrison (varies depending on your main character's species). They are bound to a normal character and cannot be traded/swapped/gifted once used. Mounts cannot be used as a main character for prompts. Including them in entries allows you to gain extra rewards.

MYO Information

A MYO slot. MYO's can be completely overhauled at any time however the species remains the same unless a species change item is added. Note that your character will not start with any traits unless purchased and added on from the store.

Humans are NOT a closed species and are not bound by the masterlist. They can be removed any time, however add-ons will not be refunded.

FTO daemons require ownership of another character (human or otherwise) in order to be approved.


Please keep species guides in mind when creating an MYO. Every species has their own abilities and their own physical traits. Creatures in Orrison have flexibility for markings/colors, as the effect of magical radiation produces interesting mutations/variety. Still, complex artificial markings (such as a large amount of heart shapes or flower shapes) are rare. Patterns (like repeating honeycomb shapes) are slightly less rare.

  1. Draw a masterlist image
    Masterlist images must be clean (doesn't have to be lined, but must be clear) and flat (no shading, no painting).

  2. Request a Design Update for your MYO Slot.
    Go to the MYO Slot's masterlist entry. On the left side, you should see "Update Design" under its settings. Create a Design Update request and it will create a draft, where you must fill out the information required. Be sure to SAVE every tab (unsaved tabs have red X's) and hit submit on the Status tab!

  3. An admin will accept if approved, or cancel if denied.
    They will be sure to leave a comment on why it was rejected and what needs fixing!