Craft Updates

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Just a small list of updates which affect the balance of the crafting system and availability of items:

The Crafting Guide has been updated and it now has ALL recipes for reference-- recipes have been removed from item descriptions.

  • Cost Adjustments have been made
    • odd tune cost has been reduced to 20 scrap in the materials store
    • esse cost for crafting aria iii and fysa iii have been reduced to compensate for material adjustments
    • fysa extract was added, fysa tincture and fysa infuser have been adjusted accordingly
    • charged species items have a reduced cost of esse, but an odd tune has been added to materials cost
  • New recipes have been added
    • aria i
    • aria ii
    • fysa i
    • fysa ii
    • wagers
    • old masks
    • daemon MYO's
    • Artifact MYO's
  • Storm Chasing now guarantees a minimum of 3 Esse, plus random drops
  • Daemon Hunting has been added to resource gathering, and allows one to gain daemon resources.
    • Daemon resources are used to upgrade your daemon characters in lieu of fysa i/ii/iii.
      Only daemon's breath is useable at the moment however, as there are no uncommon/rare abilities for daemons.
    • Daemon resources can also be purchased in the Material Shop ¬†for scrap.

The Daemon's Eye for applying the bond trait now allows you to add the daemon's character code before applying it. If you already have bonded, please DM me or submit a claim to get the info adjusted!


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