[EVENT] Fysomnir

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The 1st month of the year is Fysomnir or Fys Night, and many choose to stay up all night long on the eve of the 1st day to usher in the new year.

This year, a visitor comes from Ynoch's grove on Fys Night, gathering eyes but also people in a small procession to the city center where they share their news...

Visitor in the Night

A lone self-proclaimed chimoraa strides through the streets of Ichorrai, carrying a banner and gathering a small crowd of curious onlookers.


They stop in the city center, gesturing up to the council building.

"In three day's time, Ichorrai will ascend in status and in glory. The council will close the city's inner walls, only inviting in their chosen. They will rule over the outer city from a higher seat. They will pursue the dismantling of the spires, calling for adventurers to aid them in returning this world to its former state. They will not hesitate to kill anyone who speaks out against them once they have established power, but they will wring forth peace. They will not return to old technology, but carve out new more powerful ones."

The crowd murmurs, unsure if the emissary is speaking in favor or against the council. Not everything he is saying sounds bad.

"Among these events, we have scryed our rediscovery by your kin and thus choose to expose ourselves because the chimoraa cannot allow any of this to pass." The little chimoraa stands, banner confidently stuck into the earth, noise pointed towards the sky.

"Any who wish to seek refuge among our kind are welcome to leave Ichorrai and shelter in our city while we find a more suitable place for you. Any who stay should know that in three day's time, we will be declaring war on this city. Come to Ynoch's grove if you wish for our world to survive, and be prepared to assist us in seige against this place of beginnings and endings. Ichorrai has always been the bane of deities, the gods' blood city."

A commotion signals the arrival of Aegis, and the little emissary suddenly blinks out of sight, appearing at the edge of the crowd. They vanish down an alley and aren't seen again.


Early on the third day, the city itself awakens. The center of Ichorrai rumbles and groans as the earth itself rises up in one piece, lifting buildings and residents alike. It goes up several stories before coming to a stop, revealing ancient and new structures beneath. The inner city reveals itself-- old but pristine architecture, protected by a glowing barrier which runs the entire circumference around the space.

Aelius himself stands at the gates with an announcement-- those who wish to stay on top of Ichorrai are free to live, come and go as they please. They will be safer, elevated, above the rest of the world. Those who wish to enter the inner sanctum must challenge him in any field they wish-- combat, sciences, crafts, games... whatever is their strongest forte. They do not need to beat him to enter, but their perfomance will be subject to his judgement and it will determine their standing inside of the sanctum. They are not allowed to bring any belongings inside-- but are allowed to come and go, essentially living double lives if they choose to. Every need is promised to be met inside, though they cannot promise the assured safety of those on top should the chimoraa really bring war.


Below Ynoch's tree is the entrance to Ynochrin, the city beneath the grove. Shifting tunnels connect various cavernous chambers of the city, the structures all held stable by Ynoch's roots. The ceiling is a sky of glowing rocks and many of the buildings are carved out of the earth itself. Invaders will find that the tunnels seem to change, stretch, or shrink, confusing their passage through the city.

The chimoraa offer refuge, and also promise to help those who come find a new city to make their home. But those who choose to take refuge must also give up one precious belonging as collateral-- and do not dare lie. They say it will be returned when those who are staying leave. Those who do not have any belongings left may instead offer a story of their precious thing.


There will be three prompts this month, each lasting 1 week. Each prompt can be completed once and gives a raffle ticket for the event raffle. Completing all three will also reward any member a chimoraa MYO slot! Chimoraa species information will be released during the last week of this event.

Raffle rewards (one per winner)
  • General MYO Slot
  • General MYO Slot
  • Chimoraa Morph Item
  • Chimoraa Morph Item
  • Chimoraa Morph Item
  • 15 Esse
  • 15 Esse
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • 1 Odd Tune

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