[EVENT] In Requiescence

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The 3rd face of Mylic is a month for the Penitent and for Kheir. Many assume a voluntary silence. Being unable to hold silence for at least 3 days is said to give you bad luck for the rest of the year.

In Requiescence

In the stand at Kinstead, enough of Ichorrai's inhabitants came to Aelius' defense and they were able to 'fend off' the attack by the Chimoraa. For the three days of Requiescence, the days of silence observed by all in honor of Kheir, the chimoraa and their supporters stood at the edge of Kinstead. Once they realized that Ichorrai's citizens would not stand down, they simply left. It seems as if the call for refugees and the loud declarations were meant to try to weaken morale and give Ynochrin a fighting chance, and Petrel knew they could not win in the end and so would not even try. At Petrel's insistence, their forces returned to Ynochrin.

Many could not help but feel as if the retreat of the chimoraa was like the tide retreating before a tsunami- but perhaps it's just the restlessness of the dreams that many are having, staying so close to the spire.

For the chimoraa, Petrel encouraged all to stay underground, however after tasting the sky for the first time in generations and the loss at Kinstead, not all chimoraa are eager to listen, and they are no longer being forced to stay.

Dreams and Omens

A new voice has appeared on the air waves... some of this event may be broadcast over the roleplay channels in the discord! Participation is not required, but feel free to join us!

(Take a screenshot of your character responding to Aria's presence in the RP channels and submit it as a claim for the event award this month)!

Free Raffle

We're taking the rest of this month as a sort of breather, and the plot will pick up at a faster pace in April again! In the meanwhile, please feel free to enter in this free guest design raffle by Trundlebug by replying to the comment on this news post with flavortext! More instructions on how to enter are in the comment.

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To enter the raffle for GST-040 and GST-041:

  • Write a flavortext entry for these two designs!
  • Reply to this comment with your flavortext.
  • Please include whether or not the winner is allowed to use your flavortext.
  • There is no word minimum.

The raffle will be rolled at the end of the month, deadline for entry is March 31 11:59 PM CST

2021-03-09 04:24:59 (Edited 2021-03-09 04:25:03)

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GST-040: As quick with their wit as they are with a weapon, this human bares old wounds from a long lost fight, one they don't seem interested in talking about. The intricate tattoo on their back clearly displays their contempt for society, as if that wasn't already clear from their actions. They once were well known as a pirate, their name feared and often spoken of in hushed whispers, especially by those from villages anywhere near the ocean. It seems, however, that whatever event took their leg has caused them to decide to switch sides and become a mercenary. Many think it's nothing but a ploy. Only time will tell if their intentions are pure.

GST-041: A soft-spoken daemon with an elegant demeanor, they seem to be their partner's sense of reason. They typically play the role of a mediator between their partner and whoever happens to be talking with them, but don't let their soft tone fool you. They're a ruthless negotiator, and can easily talk their way out of or into whatever benefits them, even able to make those they're bargaining with take a detrimental deal willingly. In a fight, the daemon is no push over, and they can lash out with speeds that match their partner.

(Winner can use these if they like them!)

2021-03-11 23:06:08

lasombra Avatar

GST-040: This human seems at home among the abandoned ruins of Kichora. They've carved out a place for themself between the rusted architecture and mossy old bridges. The tattoo on their back speaks to a life spent in rebellion; though, of what, they won't say, and few have seen the bold ink in the first place. Their silver tongue sees little use in their arboreal home. In fact, their voice is hoarse with disuse behind their homemade helm. They seem drawn to the defunct magitech that dots the ruins, though they have yet to make much progress in understanding it.

GST-041: This daemon was a chance find during an Aria storm, wounded by some larger, more aggressive creature. Its melodic voice is often heard echoing through the branches, and its air fysa helps it glide. It serves as a comforting presence for its witch, as well as a lookout, and the two work well together.

(The winner is free to use this flavortext if they'd like! <3)

2021-03-16 18:04:57 (Edited 2021-03-16 18:14:19)

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GST-040: What you hear about this human depends on who you ask. To some, they're a generous and gifted composer who often will give away or fix things for free, if they decide you need it. To others, however, they're seen as a rebel and an iconoclast. They often wander, spending much of their time in the settlements of their youth. They're typically seen setting up repeaters in the far reaches of the wilds, away from the watchful eyes of the aegis.

GST-041: Born of dreams of radio waves and buzzing wings, this daemon seems to never stop moving. With its ability to pass through objects, it often scouts ahead when exploring. It keeps close to its witch, often perching on their tail and shoulders or trying to curl into the opening of their scarf. As it's gotten older, it's become something of a constant companion to them.

(the winners free to use this flavor text if theyd like!)

2021-03-19 22:25:03 (Edited 2021-03-19 22:25:29)

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GST-040: A once-infamous sky pirate that faded from the public eye after suffering a grievous injury. They bear a tattoo across their back decrying Ichorrai's shepherd. They spent most of their life plundering those charging esse or hauling cargo under the cover of aria storms, known most for their quick, surgical strikes. No one knows what caused their last heist to go so poorly that it took their leg and left them with such scars, but it rings of sabotage from one of their own...

Legends say the cache where they stored the best prizes from their heists still remains untouched, hidden from anyone that'd think to steal from it.

GST-041: The daemon companion of an infamous sky pirate recently returned to glory, this daemon assisted their partner out of scrapes with their fysa, allowing the two to become incorporeal and escape situations that would otherwise have doomed them. Though small, this daemon is particularly skilled at combat with its long tail and stinger. Its wings beat too fast for the eye to track, the glowing markings on its wings confusing and mesmerizing those that watch for too long.

[[These can be used by anyone that wins if they choose!]]

2021-03-11 18:14:26


GST-040: The venom of their tongue is equally if not more deadly than that of their tail, which they use to imbue their arrows to enhance their deadliness. They are scarily accurate when it comes to their bow, seemingly going into a state of zen when a target is within their sights. Their scars are telling of their inability to fight close, resorting to their agility in order to reach a safer location. It is said that they once ran with others, possibly being part of a group- but their current nature defies this notion. Their tattoo is telling of their unwillingness to fit into ranks or live under authority- often violently.

GST-041: The exotic daemon hailed from the dreams of a doomed explorer, existing as a phantom in Ynoch's endless forest. The abstract yet exotic patterns on its wings are said to haunt the dreams of those who see it, repeating over and over. It was rescued from the brink of dissolving by a wanderer, bonding out of a combination of desperation and true companionship. Its stinger can shift from soft as a silk thread to as hard as an iron needle in the blink of an eye.

(The winner can use these both!)

2021-03-11 20:22:39

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