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Just some general updates, tweaks, and maintenance! This is not a comprehensive list, as there may be more tweaks in the near future.

  • The World has been consolidated into one lore page with collapsible tabs. A travel key has been added to the map. Pinterest boards are linked through this lore page.
  • Circles have had several bug fixes, including missing members and incorrect owners displayed for members.
  • Submissions and Crafting instructions have been udpated on their pages.
    • This is for rewarding character rep. You do not have to list every single character featured in a submission- only those who are getting rewards. For art or literature, you should add reputation for every character featured. For collaborations or roleplay logs, ONLY add your own characters, as your collaborators will be submitting rep on their own entries.
  • The feed has had gallery previews added, and previews for news/sale posts
  • Dark Mode has been made available as a theme in user settings

Please feel free to list feedback, suggestions, or other comments in this news post! We are especialy looking for feedback regarding color contrast on Dark Mode.



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junijwi Staff Member
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Lemmy says:

i think the font color should be a bit more contrasting the grey can be hard to read, esp on smaller words

and the no hover link is also a bit too pale imo

and this too bc i couldnt find it for 2 mins jfhsjkfshd Image

2021-04-08 20:48:35 (Edited 2021-09-15 19:00:32)

lasombra Avatar
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I love the dark theme!! Tysm for all your hard work.

Some stuff I noticed for feedback:

  • Hyperlinks (the blue ones) might be easier to see if they were a little lighter
  • Slightly higher contrast on normal text?
  • The site boxes/text boxes blend in with the site background for me

2021-04-08 20:48:40 (Edited 2021-09-15 19:01:26)

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junijwi Staff Member
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Note to self: Match Card Color to Content Color (#2B2B2C) and card outline to comment outline colors.

2021-04-08 20:51:43 (Edited 2021-09-15 18:56:41)

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junijwi Staff Member
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Samrathiel says:

is there a way to lighten the text a little on inventory items? its hard to make out, if it matched the side text though, it'd be fine! Image

2021-04-09 01:48:35 (Edited 2021-09-15 18:57:58)

malkavian Avatar
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on dark theme, even after a hard refresh the fauna buttons look like this even after a hard refresh Image

2021-04-09 17:41:24 (Edited 2021-09-15 18:58:44)

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