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With the release of Esprits, Daemons have had more traits added to them!

Daemons have three uncommon traits and two rare traits. Uncommon traits can be unlocked by using Daemon's Blood, and rare traits can be unlocked using Daemon Hearts.

The uncommon traits grant them additional abilities- Repeat allows them to copy appearances temporarily, Harmony allows them to fuse with bonded partners, and Crescendo allows them to change size at will!

ASCENDED - a daemon fully realizes its potential and is able to live freely!

The rare trait Coda allows a daemon to reach its fully awoken form and assume the form of any of the other species, as well as start learning that species' fysa.

The rare trait Requiem allows a daemon to reach its fully awoken form and assume their true form similar to fys, more references are in the species sheet.

Just some general updates, tweaks, and maintenance! This is not a comprehensive list, as there may be more tweaks in the near future.

  • Resource prompts have been adjusted:
    • resource prompts are limited to 3 submissions each a month
    • resource prompts now focus on just 1 material each.
    • the give a set amount of currency, and loot bags which can be opened for materials.
    • loot bags have been made for everything from esse to pet bonuses.
    • these should be opened in the inventory for randomized rewards.
    • daemon hunting bags also have a small chance to drop esprit MYO's
    • reputation has been removed as a reward
  • Circle prompts have been added circle prompts will be the main source of reputation
  • Bulletin submissions have been added these are user submitted prompts, and the first prompt there is instructions on how to submit them.
  • Submission guide has been updated with clarifying language on how to perform rewards
  • MYO guide has been updated with clarifying language on companions
  • Old prompts are now visible in the archive category, for reference.
  • Esprits, Kheiraa, and Chimoraa have information added to the site.
    • Naming conventions, crafting items, and morph items are all good to go
    • Still need to add them to other lore pages (stats, relations, etc)
  • The Protector from last month's event has been added to the deity page, as well as an event summary in the history page
  • Daemon traits have been expanded to include¬†uncommon and¬†rare traits which can be unlocked with daemon blood and daemon hearts.
    • A reference is WIP for the rare traits' forms, and will be coming in the next few days.
  • ALLOY Composition fysa (circuitry and ward) have been expanded and updated.
  • BLOOD Balance fysa "Color Shift" has been expanded and updated.
  • Human morphs have a limited affect on teeth, and other teeth must use other species morphs (ex: immanu for snake fangs that fold back).

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