Luraa & Updates!

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Hello all!

First, thank you all for your participation in recent events! Spirestorm was great fun, and it was wonderful to see everyone's characters participating and actively changing the story. It means a lot to us that participants devote their time and passion into developing Orrison into this collaborative narrative. Most of the events of the most recent chat rp event have been summarized here!

With the completion of this event, the eras have shifted and we have moved into a new age! You can read about the Age of Dusk here! This has mostly had an effect on the weather of the world, influencing technology and storm chasing (which is now known as haze dancing).

Finally, last year's prompt is open for submission if you missed the Award/achivement for it! And this month you can complete the After the Storm prompt for an Award and also a Free Luraa MYO!



lasombra Avatar

I really loved participating, thank you for holding the event!!

2021-07-14 15:28:16

NoriTheSeaDragon Avatar

Yes!! Thank you for all your hard work! Excited for what’s to come!!!

2021-07-14 15:42:40

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