[ADVENT] The Reforged

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The Reforged

October 2021 Advent

Adoptable Advent

Whether for better or for worse, those who undergo the hardships of life come out as changed people. Many of those featured in this advent underwent trials rivaling tests given by Ilya, and have come out stronger for it. Whether they use that strength to help, to harm, or to hide, is ultimately a telling aspect of their character.

For every week this month, there will be one Free Raffle on Mondays, and Guest Auctions on Saturdays featuring designs made by guest artists! Auctions will post previews 12 hours ahead of time (4 AM CST) and open for bids at 4 PM CST. Keep an eye on sales for all upcoming advent designs!


There will also be a large free-for-all flatsale at the end of the month, on the 31st.

All designs will be $80. Previews will go up at 4 AM CST, and claims will open at 4 PM CST.

It is first come, first served, but buyers can only claim one design in the first 24 hours. After 24 hours, multiples may be purchased.


Gift Advent

Many twists of good fortune are attributed to Ilya's favor during the 10th month of Mylic.

Once a day for the month of October, you can visit the advent page to claim a free gift! If you visit every day, there is also a bonus prize at the end of the month.

You can visit the advent page through the gift box on the user menu (top right in desktop, or in the menu on mobile).

Current Events

October 2021

Raffle Prompt

When humans first came to Orrison, they wore masks to blend in among the myriad of magical creatures. This tradition has persisted up to today, and has spread among all the species-- during Ilya's month, it is common to wear mask or costume to confuse malignant spirits. Masks decorate dwellings, front doors, shops, and other places as well.

Complete Ilya's Children to get the award for this year, plus be entered into the raffle!

Ilya's Children
(one per winner)

1 MYO Slot
1 Choice of Morph Item
1 Fysa Tincture
20 Esse
15 Esse
1 Odd Tune
1 Odd Tune
100 Rep

Old Prompts

Ilya's Warning is available again to get the award for Ilya's Trials, 2020.


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