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It's difficult to covet the distant past when the present itself is so uncertain. The Undertaker has once again opened the invitation to Terralai to all, however this year it is in honor of the large number of those recently lost, rather than those long forgotten... And the Undertaker themselves will not be found there, as for the first time in decades, the corvileyr has taken to the skies for a pilgrimmage to Luto'Eyn.

In the Wings

With the dismantling of the spire, a large breadth of the wilderness has become more accessible to travelers, looters, and scholars. The site of the greater spire itself was once too irradiated with magic to consider exploring-- but now, the risk seems worth the reward. As well as this, Aelius' son, Orry, has begun funding expeditions into the wilderness, expeditions which are spearheaded by Petrel themselves-- what or who are they looking for?

The game has been completely cleared, and in one week to boot! We're blown away by everyone's contributions, and greatly underestimated our player base-- this was a huge learning experience for us, and we'll be keeping it in mind as we plan future events. For those of you who haven't gotten a chance to participate, we apologize, but hopefully we'll have more chances for you in the future! We're already working on content for the next event so that we'll be better prepared to accomodate everyone come this March. In the meanwhile, we'll be providing a further opportunity for small prizes and to talk to some NPC's later this weekend. Thank you all again! We're honored to be playing with you!

Nov 15 - Nov 21

Exploration Rules

The game is similar to minesweep! The board is hidden and you must uncover it to earn prizes. Revealing a blank square will reveal all adjacent blank tiles (but not any hint or occupied tiles). Numbered squares will indicate how many occupied tiles they are touching, including diagonals. Revealing a numbered square will also reveal a hint about the adjacent tile(s). There are good and bad tiles! Both will give prizes, however the bad ones will put your character into peril. When in peril, that character cannot search until you recover- but you can also switch to a different character instead.


Once a week, you can search a tile! Let us know the letter and number of the tile you would like to search. Use the following form and comment in REPLY to the weekly comment, and feel free to add flavortext about your character's search, who they're searching with, etc.

## Searching
**Character:** [ML link](Name or ML Code)

**Tile:** Letter & Number

Extra Search

You can draw (halfbody sketch minimum), write (300 word minimum), or roleplay (5 post minimum, chat rp allowed) your character searching or use one of the scenarios your character stumbles into in order to get an additional search, once per week! Use the following form and REPLY to the moderator's response to your first search attempt for that week. There is no time limit for extra searches- you can do all of your extra searches on the very last day, for example.

## Extra Search
**Character:** [ML link](Name or ML Code)

**Submission:** [Link](Art/Lit/RP)

**Tile:** Letter & Number

Recovery from Peril

Draw (halfbody sketch minimum), write (300 word minimum), or roleplay (5 post minimum, chat rp allowed) the scenario of danger your character encountered OR draw/write them recovering from it in order to recover your character and use them again! You should reply to the comment that put you into peril.

## Recovery
**Character:** [ML link](Name or ML Code)

**Submission:** [Link](Art/Lit/RP)

refreshes every 5 minutes

"-" is an explored tile which contains nothing
"#" such as 1, 2, 3, etc are tiles that contain hints and are touching objectives
"O" are objectives
"X" are objectives which also cause peril

Prompt & Raffle

The Undertaker tells stories during the 11th face of Mylic. Stories of ages past, stories of adventurers long dead... Their stories are our stories, and if we forget them, we are forgetting ourselves. It is also important to pay heed to the living-- reaffirming one's bonds is the way to secure memory, long after your own passing.

Does your character have someone they miss from their past (deceased or no longer interacting)? Do they have someone they fear to lose?

Enter in this month's prompt or spend wagers to enter the raffle! You can spend wagers by submitting a claim (click Add Reward and add the raffle tickets and quantity you'd like. Then attach a number of wagers from your inventory to match).

Raffle rewards (one per winner)

Deadline is December 12th

  • 1 General MYO Slot
  • 1 Choice of Morph
  • 50 Esse
  • 20 Esse
  • 20 Esse
  • 20 Esse
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • Some of the prizes from the search game above will be added to this raffle if NOT found/claimed!

Winter Design Exchange

Hosted by Lasombra

In the discord server, members are hosting a winter design exchange! Those who participate enter a design they've created, and will get a randomized one at the end of the exchange. Please check the #event-signups channel if you're interested in participating. I've copied the rules here as well:

  • Sign ups are from November 1st until the exchange ends, on December 18th. Please be sure to DM your submission to manectric ꙮ#0022 on discord before then if you want to be included. On December 19th (probably right after midnight est) they'll be distributing designs to their recipients.
  • You don't have to participate if it doesn't work out! Lasombra will be randomly distributing one design to everyone who submitted a design to keep things simple, and this way no one will lose out on a design because of a partner that didn't finish. No pressure to submit and nothing lost for other participants if you don't! 😊
  • The recipient of the design will provide the MYO Slot and any materials needed to make the design viable on site.
  • No species morphs or expensive fysa/aria, please! To keep things simple and affordable, please only do designs that might need color morphs, human morphs, or chance stones/fysa i's. (The exception to this is free subspecies morphs, such as a luto morph on a luraa.) Make sure to note which morphs are needed when you send lasombra the design so they can tell the recipient.
  • The theme of the exchange is "Getting Colder"! Please design with the end of Autumn, Winter, etc in mind!
  • Any species accepted! As long as they follow the specific species' rules, feel free to do whichever you'd like.
  • Your submission must include an unshaded full body with a transparent background for the masterlist. Extra art is allowed, and additional forms in the case of Daemon (coda/requiem) and Leyr (corvileyr) are welcome. Flavortext is also welcome!
  • Please keep it secular! Not everyone celebrates the same holidays, so please avoid concepts like Thanksgiving Luto or Santa Luraa.
  • Sharing WIPs is allowed, but please only do so behind a spoiler warning! They'd like to keep things a surprise for anyone that wants it to be one.


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Nov 15 - Nov 21

Reply here with the appropriate form to Search! For Extra Search and Recovery, respond to the moderator's reply to your initial search.

2021-11-02 12:16:44 (Edited 2021-11-14 21:09:41)

adeline Avatar


Character: https://world-of-orrison.com/character/MYO-077

Tile: F12

Rieka was no stranger to searching. Antsy over both the long time spent avoiding the magic from the Spire and her involvement with Aelius' demise, as soon as the first search party went out, she decided to join.

2021-11-14 21:37:55

junijwi Avatar
junijwi Staff Member

Unfortunately, Rieka has not found anything in her search, though her efforts seem to have paved the way for others!

2021-11-14 21:48:45

malkavian Avatar


Character: https://world-of-orrison.com/character/OFF-175 Catastrophe

Tile: M 25

Catastrophe is never one to shy away from danger. Sure, she could be accident prone and impulsive, but she was a Seeker! Of course she was going to take up the call to explore! She rented an archtrite for the trip and set out, eager for the potential spoils.

2021-11-14 21:39:04

junijwi Avatar
junijwi Staff Member

The land narrows here and you pass more than one traveler or explorer on your way. Folk are headed in all directions-- north, south, and west, mostly...

+5 Rep!

2021-11-14 21:49:25

Magic Avatar


Character: https://world-of-orrison.com/character/MYO-733 Jack

Tile: X4

Jack couldn't resist the chance of finding treasure and wanted to explore the dangerous lands immediately. His brother, Ace, decided to join him on this exploration despite Jack's selfish intentions, he knew Jack would get others hurt if he went off with a random group.

2021-11-14 21:51:00

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