Rites of Valor Event

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June 1st - June 30th

The 6th face of Mylic is the month of the solstice and the month of Heis. Heis is the deity of order, a patron of the Immanu and the guardian of civilization. In respect for Heis on the longest day of the year, even non-believes will partake in the practice of Valorism for this time of the year, to re-align one's luck. It is a time of organization, contemplation, and cleaning.


About Valorism

Valorism is the most popular religious identity in Orrison, with the widest range of sub-religions. It is centered around the idea of many spirits and multiple small gods. It is acceptable in Valorism to accept one god or a few gods as patron deities to devote yourself to (many spirits are attached to locations, families, etc, and can be very personal), but it is also just as accepted to have no patron deity and to simply respect spirits as they are.

The backbone of the faith involves the belief in positive and negative karmic energy (not good or bad, just positive and negative) that affect the spirits, which in turn affect the physical world. Helping your own deities through prayer, encouragement, and offerings can help to maintain harmony. 

Every living being is a small spirit in and of itself, just with a physical body, so Valorism also teaches that you must treat others with respect as well. When one dies, their energies rejoin the spiritual atmosphere of the world (Fys). The state of their afterlife, whether pleasant or hellish, depends on the state of the physical realm. If harmonic balance is not maintained, the area will cause all spiritual life to suffer. Pressure is put on practitioners because their actions are responsible for the suffering of spirits, and their owns pirits will join them after death.

One can balance their energy by performing certain behaviors and surrounding one's self with certain objects and colors. This can vary from self restraint and punishment to reward and indulgence, as prescribed by Valoric Sages. It includes things like taking pilgrimmages, eating certain foods, and wearing certain colors. The prescribed rituals depend on one's mental state, build, health, recent actions, and eye color.

The Event

During this month, you can request a bingo card from the admin team in the #event_signups channel on Discord!

The card will be full of randomized art requirements, such as the example below:

If a character you own is featured in prompt art (any type of prompt, drawn by anyone) AND the art fulfills the requirements in a box, you can mark off the box! One piece of art can count for multiple boxes. You get 1 Esse for every completed row, plus 3 bonus Esse for completing the entire card (potential total of 15 Esse). Completing the full card also enters you in a raffle for universal MYO Slots (1 slot for raffle, plus another for every 10 entrants)!

Submit your completed cards, along with a list of links to all the images, through claims to get your rewards. The card doesn't have to be 100% complete, but you should only submit this claim once, when you're sure you won't be crossing off any more boxes (there will be a grace period of 3 days after the prompt deadline to get your claims in). Be sure to request the amount of Esse you're supposed to get!

You are encouraged to plan, scheme, and collaborate with your peers to complete your entire card (and theirs)!


All prompts count for this event, including Perpetual Prompts! There is also the Rites of Valor prompt which gives Reputation bonuses to the artist & a badge for completion.


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