[ADVENT] Love Reading

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Love Reading

February 2022 Advent

Adoptable Advent

What does fate have to say about your relationships? Love, strife, family, enemies-- regardless of what lies in your future, there is no mistake that your future is tied to others. Those featured in this advent are themed after cards-- flatsale cards feature pairs who represent upright and reverse meanings of their cards, while the major arcana features designs made in collaboration!

For monday between now and White Day, there will be a pair of flatsales. They will be up for preview for 24 hours, before going up for claim TOGETHER for the first 24 hours (meaning only people who wish to buy both for $80 total may claim). After this, They will open for individual raffle flatsale at $40 each!

Auctions will post previews 12 hours ahead of time (4 AM CST) and open for bids at 4 PM CST. Keep an eye on sales for all upcoming advent designs!


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