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hello all! I have a sort of heavy announcement to make today u__u

In light of me and Cory wanting to leave the closed species community, we've made the difficult decision to also be shutting down the world of Orrison as a closed species.

While I adore Orrison and all of its members and your stories, I have a personal dissatisfaction with how CS forces me to run things and hate having things tied to monetization. It is a big part of why I haven't put out many OFF designs lately, and so many times I've discussed with Cory various ways of overhauling the whole thing without burning ourselves out. It's been difficult, again due to the aspects closed species brings to the table regarding exclusivity, ownership rights, money, expectations, and rules regarding character management.

World of Orrison

We still want the world to be available as content for personal enjoyment, but not stressful or tied to a monetized/tokenized system of participation. We are going to brush off the Toyhouse world for any who wish to affiliate their characters, and also hope to have a lore site which not only holds the world but also content and plot modules.

These modules will range from locations/cities, storylines, eras, and more far outside the scope of the current era or even planet. They'll include all current and future species as well, and will be free to use outside of the context of Orrison too.

These modules will work kind of like premade DnD stories that people are free to use!

The discord I'll keep up for a few months at least, and the masterlist site will remain up for reference until our hosting runs out (April 2023). Once hosting runs out, all site information (including personal information and account information) will be destroyed, so I recommend tracking design ownership through another place like toyhouse. I would recommend contacting any designers if you're unsure about their ToS.

I hope to also have social media feeds or RSS for content announcements up and running as soon as we re-organize.

Orrison and Designs

Orrison species will be changed to Open Species. This means that any MYO designs have full rights to their owners. GST designs will follow the ToS of their designer. And any OFF designs by me and cory have full use rights (commercial and private).

People will be free to make characters and use the world of Orrison as a backdrop, and we also don't mind if people sell their own adopts for Orrison as well.

We do not intend on just shelving Orrison-- we hope that shifting the format and removing so much of the community management will help us actually have time to build on and rework a lot of the concepts we hope to see evolve.

What about the next event?

We had planned and set up the next event, but I felt bad about having people participate for rewards that will not hold any value just afterwards. I'm so sorry for anyone who was looking forward to it u__u

What about traits and artifacts?

There are no restrictions on any traits, fysa, or artifacts! I may implement a skill system to indicate how difficult certain abilities are to master, but this is just lore flavor and everything is free game for stories.

Can I use the IP for commercial endeavors?

Again, we do not mind people feeling inspired to use Orrison as flavor for adoptables or selling open species designs as long as you aren't tricking buyers into thinking they're closed species.

Use for personal stories, books, comics, etc is all fine.

Borrowing species for other worlds too is fine, even if you change what they are called. Being inspired by concepts and changing them is fine too (ex: borrowing immanu vents and poison and using them on another species).

The only thing I ask is that content isn't used for bigoted, racist, or appropriative narratives.

A big thank you!

To everyone who spent years with us in Orrison, I will always cherish the memories of your characters and stories. All of the writing and art contributed to this game made it a worthwhile journey to take, and I desperately hope to provide more content in the future in a form that is enjoyable for all!


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