Bounty of Ivei Event

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August 2nd - August 31ST

Ivei is a personification of the sun, a deity associated with wisdom, self-sacrifice, and ruler-ship. They give out their light and warmth, asking nothing in return. During the month of Ivei, it is common for the bounty of fishing and harvest to be shared among all. Those with wealth share with those without as a symbol of their power and status. Summer gift giving is about selflessness, philanthropy, and power-- the power of food!

Newcomer Invites

This month, anyone who already owns an Orrison character (whether a closed species or human with a masterlist entry) is able to extend an invitation to their friends! That friend will get 10 Esse, enough to purchase a First Time Owner MYO Slot. If your friend completes their MYO before the end of the month, you also will get 5 Esse! You can invite multiple people.

To gain credit for this event, please do the following:

  1. Invite your friend! Get them to join and have them submit a claim.
    The Claim Subject should be a link to your (the inviter's, not the invited's) lorekeeper profile page
    They should add 10 Esse to the claim rewards

  2. Help your friend create an MYO!
    They can use the 10 Esse gained from the claim to purchase an FTO slot.
    Once the slot is turned into an approved character, continue to step 3.

  3. Submit a claim yourself!
    The Claim Subject should be a link to your friend's completed character's masterlist entry
    Add 5 Esse to the claim rewards for yourself.

Invited newcomers can also invite their friends for credit, but must complete their character first.


Complete the  Bounty of Ivei prompt up to 3 times, which gives optional Esse/Rep, a raffle entry, & a badge for completion.

Raffle rewards this month include the following:

  • 1 General MYO Slot
  • 1 General MYO Slot
  • 1 Chimia Morph Item
  • 30 Esse
  • 20 Esse
  • 10 Esse
  • 5 Esse
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • 1 Odd Tune

More will be added to the raffle pool as the number of tickets increases!


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