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The 9th face of Mylic is the time of stories, and of the great mother tree, Ynoch, which exists in the swamps near the coast of Ichorrai. This is the time of the year when theatre troupes and clans are expected to give their best and biggest productions. Stories are told of incredible feats performed throughout the year, and many of these stories are offered to Ynoch's tree in return for wisdom.

Ynoch's First Fable

Ynoch was an ancient tolka who was famous for her storytelling. Her tales charmed generations of children, and her advice was sought by many leaders. Her first stories were about a trickster spirit named Migari, and those tales manifested as a fruit on Ynoch's tree, giving birth to the very first sentient chimia of the same name.

This year, Ynoch's tree is flowering as the heat of summer fades, and the first fruit in centuries has begun to grow. As the chimia inside becomes more prominent, many speculate about its origins, and many more are trying their best to remember Ynoch's tales. The first was Migari and Ivei's Light. As Ynoch's second child grows, many have already begun calling them Ivei in reference to that tale.

Migari and ivei's light (Summary)

Every deity had a domain. Some were born into it- others found it and claimed it. Migari knew exactly what he wanted- he was charmed by the light, the very same that the god Ivei already controlled. So he went to Ivei, under the guise of seeking counsel.

Ivei offered their help willingly, of course, and Migari accepted their advice with no intention to follow through. For each aspect of Ash that Ivei offered to Migari to command, Migari pretended to struggle to disasterous effect. Then, once Ivei was convinced of the incompatability, Migari would masterfully fix all the problems caused by their facade.

Finally, Ivei confronted Migari-- Ivei sees all, past, present, and future, and knew of the tricks-- but seeing as how Migari fixed their own problems and was able to address each element personally, was willing to trust Migari with some of their own light.

The fable explains why there is night and day, and is part of the basis for chimia's affinity with Ash as a whole. (Full Story Here)


Ivei: Watcher in the Dark

Born from Ynoch's tree, this chimia is influenced by her stories.

They have no eyes and no sight, but can use light to create planes which allow others to see glimpses of their own futures and pasts.

Chimia: OFF-212


Two prompts are available this time around! Each has their own raffle pool. Ynoch's Offering must be completed before Migari's Blessing can be completed.

Raffle rewards (one per winner) for YNOCH'S OFFERING
  • 1 Tolka MYO Slot
  • 10 Esse
  • 50 Rep
  • 50 Rep
Raffle rewards (one per winner) for MIGARI'S BLESSING
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Chimia: OFF-212 - samrathiel 1 General MYO Slot - lepraton 1 Tolka Morph Item - taka 30 Esse - countrygangrel 1 Odd Tune - olliepop97

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