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[EVENT] Love and War

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This year's Fare Thee Wells has been largely overshadowed by recent events. Everyone knows Mylic watches as the inhabitants of Orrison prepare for possibly the first war in this age.

ch 1: preparations - Feb 7 to Feb 22

Supplies, arms, ammunition, food, livestock, cavalry-- both sides are taking accounts of their resources to be sure they are equipped for both offense and defense.

Ynochrin: Scouting Party

The chimoraa busy themselves with war. It seems they were far less concerned with gaining allies, and far more concerned with simply reducing the number of enemies they needed to fight-- they do not force the refugees to assist with war preparation efforts, but rather offer a handful of guides to lead them to potential settlements further north and to the west. Tol, Kichora, and Immitheus are three locations of old cities which now lay in ruin, and the chimoraa promise to help survey them for suitability for re-habitation.

Ichorrai: Sanctum

The matter of the Sanctum was settled and those who entered found themselves marked a title based on the challenge they chose and their performance:

Role Halo Color Description
Aegis Orange any sentinels or aegis
Hymnal White any greater religious figures, spiritual figures, or philosophers
Versed Yellow any lesser religious figures, spiritual figures, or philosophers, as well as scholars and students
Custodian Purple any with political, economical, or scientific talents which shape the whole of society
Ward Green staff, laborers, artisans, merchants, etc, the rest of the general populace
Peril Red any who challenged aelius to a fight and won. this overrides any other title

In addition, each were given a magitech piece made to look like a necklace or collar. The device projects a halo for the wearer while within the confines of the sanctum, even overriding a rrex's natural halo. Much like rrex halos, the device broadcasts the user's surface level emotions through shapes, while the color of the halo indicates their title. 

Emotion Halo
Neutral A plain circle
Happy A steady ring
Sad A rippling ring
Angry A spiking ring
Afraid A tiny circle

Although all are given equal care, food, and lodgings, Hymnals and Custodians are allowed access to the Inner Sanctum where others are not. Aelius requests access to these individuals as personal advisors.

Ichorrai: Preparation

As for war preperations, the clearest route between Ynochrin and Ichorrai is along the coast and through the sky. Despite their advantage in these areas, Aelius firmly opposes an outright offensive, instead focusing on defense. He wishes to secure their line in the valley near Terralai, assuming the chimoraa will be coming across land rather than the sea. More secretly, he hopes to strengthen Kinstead's position as well-- it's a location he is loathe to give up.

New Ch.2: Seek Power - Feb 22 to March 8

The outpost at Kinstead

Kinstead is an old military outpost recovered by Ichorrai for the purpose of guarding the Spire (lesser). The Spire is protected more to keep people from hurting themselves than anything else-- guards exist to warn people away from the radius of its effects, and don't normally force people away; if they get hurt or killed after that, it's their own fault.

Petrel has convinced his kin that the Spire must not be under Aelius' jurisdiction. Following omens, they claim that Aelius' actions with the spire could lead to changes as catastrophic as the Senescence itself. Thus, the chimoraa royal family rallies its allies on a mission to save the world-- they march to take Kinstead.

It is strange, that Aelius anticipated this move despite Petral originally voicing that they would be laying siege on Ichorrai itself. With Ichorrai somewhat secured with the implementation of the Sanctum, and his own Aegis mobilized alongside volunteers to face the chimoraa army. But to justify himself, he states what everyone knows-- that the Spire is potentially a source of energy to those who discover how to use it. His declaration implies that he would rather stop the chimoraa from gaining it, rather than use it for any means of his own.

"To allow something that powerful and that close to fall into the hands of a self-declared enemy would simply be foolishness."

Comment below to add your support to either Ichorrai or Ynochrin in the standoff at Kinstead. This can be an OOC (out of character) or IC (in character) post. Commenting will enter you in a new raffle. State your character's motivations or actions for an extra ticket! You may enter once.

Shelter at Immitheus

Refugees have found the most viable spot for relocation to be the old high city of Immitheus. Similar to Ichorrai, it has many pre-existing structures in the layout of ruins of an old city which can be built upon. Unlike Ichorrai, it is potentially an even more puzzling place with more dangers and secrets. Immitheus was the high capitol of the Immanu, and as such it was a nest of their most dazzling inventions. All structures are coroded by feral daemons and eaten away, but answers could still lay here waiting to be discovered.

Comment below to search the city for a chance to win items! This can be an OOC (out of character) or IC (in character) post. State which character is searching, and if they are being assisted by any companions. You may do this once.


As part of preperations for the oncoming war, we suggest you use this time to get companions in order!

Companions are pets and mounts. You are free to make them as they are not a closed species, however if you earn them and place them on the masterlist, they are available for future upgrades as well as submission bonuses. Cameo'ing and including an official companion of your character to your entry gives you the additional award of pulling from the Pet or Mount random rewards, no matter what submission you include them on. Additionally, completing companion prompts during this week will give you raffle tickets.

In addition, completion of ANY companion earning prompt will get you a raffle ticket for this event.


The prompts for this event are a little more open ended as things will continue to happen! Any submission related to the event can be submitted as a prompt as long as it follows the minimum requirements, and you can submit three times for rewards.

(one per winner)
  • General MYO Slot
  • General MYO Slot
  • General MYO Slot
  • 15 Esse
  • 15 Esse
  • 15 Esse
  • 15 Esse
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • 1 Odd Tune
choosing sides raffle rewards
(one per winner)
  • Aria I
  • 15 Esse
  • 5 Esse
  • 5 Esse
  • 5 Esse
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • 15 Scrap

[EVENT] Fysomnir

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The 1st month of the year is Fysomnir or Fys Night, and many choose to stay up all night long on the eve of the 1st day to usher in the new year.

This year, a visitor comes from Ynoch's grove on Fys Night, gathering eyes but also people in a small procession to the city center where they share their news...

Visitor in the Night

A lone self-proclaimed chimoraa strides through the streets of Ichorrai, carrying a banner and gathering a small crowd of curious onlookers.


They stop in the city center, gesturing up to the council building.

"In three day's time, Ichorrai will ascend in status and in glory. The council will close the city's inner walls, only inviting in their chosen. They will rule over the outer city from a higher seat. They will pursue the dismantling of the spires, calling for adventurers to aid them in returning this world to its former state. They will not hesitate to kill anyone who speaks out against them once they have established power, but they will wring forth peace. They will not return to old technology, but carve out new more powerful ones."

The crowd murmurs, unsure if the emissary is speaking in favor or against the council. Not everything he is saying sounds bad.

"Among these events, we have scryed our rediscovery by your kin and thus choose to expose ourselves because the chimoraa cannot allow any of this to pass." The little chimoraa stands, banner confidently stuck into the earth, noise pointed towards the sky.

"Any who wish to seek refuge among our kind are welcome to leave Ichorrai and shelter in our city while we find a more suitable place for you. Any who stay should know that in three day's time, we will be declaring war on this city. Come to Ynoch's grove if you wish for our world to survive, and be prepared to assist us in seige against this place of beginnings and endings. Ichorrai has always been the bane of deities, the gods' blood city."

A commotion signals the arrival of Aegis, and the little emissary suddenly blinks out of sight, appearing at the edge of the crowd. They vanish down an alley and aren't seen again.


Early on the third day, the city itself awakens. The center of Ichorrai rumbles and groans as the earth itself rises up in one piece, lifting buildings and residents alike. It goes up several stories before coming to a stop, revealing ancient and new structures beneath. The inner city reveals itself-- old but pristine architecture, protected by a glowing barrier which runs the entire circumference around the space.

Aelius himself stands at the gates with an announcement-- those who wish to stay on top of Ichorrai are free to live, come and go as they please. They will be safer, elevated, above the rest of the world. Those who wish to enter the inner sanctum must challenge him in any field they wish-- combat, sciences, crafts, games... whatever is their strongest forte. They do not need to beat him to enter, but their perfomance will be subject to his judgement and it will determine their standing inside of the sanctum. They are not allowed to bring any belongings inside-- but are allowed to come and go, essentially living double lives if they choose to. Every need is promised to be met inside, though they cannot promise the assured safety of those on top should the chimoraa really bring war.


Below Ynoch's tree is the entrance to Ynochrin, the city beneath the grove. Shifting tunnels connect various cavernous chambers of the city, the structures all held stable by Ynoch's roots. The ceiling is a sky of glowing rocks and many of the buildings are carved out of the earth itself. Invaders will find that the tunnels seem to change, stretch, or shrink, confusing their passage through the city.

The chimoraa offer refuge, and also promise to help those who come find a new city to make their home. But those who choose to take refuge must also give up one precious belonging as collateral-- and do not dare lie. They say it will be returned when those who are staying leave. Those who do not have any belongings left may instead offer a story of their precious thing.


There will be three prompts this month, each lasting 1 week. Each prompt can be completed once and gives a raffle ticket for the event raffle. Completing all three will also reward any member a chimoraa MYO slot! Chimoraa species information will be released during the last week of this event.

Raffle rewards (one per winner)
  • General MYO Slot
  • General MYO Slot
  • Chimoraa Morph Item
  • Chimoraa Morph Item
  • Chimoraa Morph Item
  • 15 Esse
  • 15 Esse
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • 1 Odd Tune

[EVENT] Rites of Vigor

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The 12th face of Mylic is the coldest, darkest time of the year. During the solstice, many choose to worship Viis, the deity of chaos and patron of both Ptheran and freedom.

This month's event is pretty lowkey, presents from us to you during this busy holiday season! It exists in two parts: A free entry to 1 of 3 raffles, and a free gift from us at the end of the month!


There are three raffles: The Chance for Change, the Change for Power, and the Chance for Excess! You can choose only one to enter, but you can enter for free. To enter a raffle, reply to the corresponding comment below.

Raffle rewards (one per winner) for Chance for Change
  • aria I
  • 1 odd tune
  • 1 odd tune
Raffle rewards (one per winner) for Chance for Power
  • fysa III
  • fysa II
  • fysa I
Raffle rewards (one per winner) for Chance for Excess

P.2 - A 'Gift' from Viis

It's late at night when you suddenly find yourself alone-- whether returning from a job, a party, or a journey, Viis targets you in the dark. It offers you a selection of gifts, all varied in appearance:


goods wrapped in a ribbon remniscent of the trader's guild


a tube which rattles loudly when shaken. it is sealed, for some reason.


a box which seems more of a threat than a gift...


an unusually emaculate present, it is weightless.


a heavy sack which is too big for most to carry home alone.


Seeming very pleased with itself, Viis tells you the contents of the gifts, not pointing out which contents belongs to which package:

  • 35 Wagers
  • 10 Small Plants
  • 10 Small Creatures
  • 15 Heavy Ore
  • Fysa II
  • Old Mask
  • Chance Stone
  • 2 Odd Tunes
  • 7 Random Species Items

It seems pretty straightforward-- that the appearance of the package would reflect its contents... except that you know Viis is a chaotic creature at heart, and known for tricky deals. Perhaps the packages are not containing what they seem they might hold...? Choose wisely!

Reply to the presents comment below to claim your choice of gift, and its contents will be given to you on December 31st!

[EVENT] Remembrance

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UPDATE: Mystery Gift assignments have been sent out, either through Discord or deviantArt Notes. Your deadline is the end of this month! If you have any questions or concerns, please note/DM Juni in response!

The Undertaker tells stories during the 11th face of Mylic. Stories of ages past, stories of adventurers long dead... Their stories are our stories, and if we forget them, we are forgetting ourselves. It is also important to pay heed to the living-- reaffirming one's bonds is the way to secure memory, long after your own passing.

P.1 - Mystery Gift

World of Orrison is hosting its Secret Santa event this November! In part, this is to avoid overlapping events with other groups. You can participate by joining the prompt, and there are some pretty hefty rewards this time around! If you miss the signup window or cannot draw, there is an alternate option for completing the prompt as well, but you can only submit to the prompt once so choose whichever will be more fun for you!

Raffle rewards (one per winner) for MYSTERY GIFT
  • 1 General MYO Slot
  • 1 Leyr MYO Slot
  • 1 Leyr MYO Slot
  • 1 Leyr Morph (Charged Balanced Feather Item)
  • 1 Leyr Morph (Charged Balanced Feather Item)
  • 1 Leyr Morph (Charged Balanced Feather Item)
  • 20 Esse
  • 20 Esse
  • 20 Esse
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • 1 Odd Tune

P. 2 - The undertaker

The Undertaker allows audiences with the general public during this month, and it is especially apt to hold service after Ynoch sacrificed the last pieces of herself to save the community and purify the Artifact which was responsible for so many deaths in October. It is understandable that the public is uneasy, and he hopes that memory can relieve some of this uneasiness. In his stories of Ynoch, he speaks of Ynoch's most favored children, lost to the last age.

Despite being preservers of history and memory, the Corvigere are shy creatures of few words. There is valuable knowledge hidden in what they have to say, but it may take some effort to find it.

From now until the end of the month, NPC dialogue will be available in the comments of this news post. The Undertaker and an Assistant will be here, and if enough knowledge is gleaned from them, it may unlock some additional prizes for all participants! Note: responses from NPC's will likely be done only once-a-day.

Hints About Ynoch's Favored.
- Talk to The undertaker -
- Talk to Evvy -
  • They begin with the Space fysa.
  • They appear the most different from chimia than any other subspecies.
  • They were one of several types of chimia.
  • They ascended to divinity.
  • It's strange that they died out, as many had foresight.
  • Ynoch may have Protected them from the Senescence.
  • They are close to all deities, not just Ynoch
  • They were the largest and fiercest Chimia.
  • They Live Underground
  • They were called the Chimoraa.

Talksprites are not required, but if you'd like to make one you can use this template (or any format you wish, honestly)!

Guilds & Circles

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Members are now able to create and join Circles! Please note that circles require moderator approval for the time being. Also DM Juni#0448 on Discord if you encounter any strange bugs or errors.

Next we'll be working on Circles Forum and Bulletin Board prompts. Thank you for your patience!


In the face of uncertainty and danger, the Bounty Network rose into prominence. The network serves as a giant odd-jobs bulletin board, where people known as coursers can find work helping out other less capable folk. Requests usually involve obtaining rare materials, forays into unexplored territory, or assistance with the wild flora and fauna in the world. The network also finances cartography excursions, paid by various merchant guilds for the establishment of safe trade routes.

This is a job that requires a lot of adventuring. It suits those with wanderlust and the ability to protect themselves and others. While many who join the network do it to help others, many others do it solely for the perks of reputation and money. Membership may also cause coursers to gain many personal requests just by letting towns know that their services are available.


Within the bounty network, there are three guilds. Each guild has an overarching purpose, and inside each guild is any number of sub-guilds called ‘circles’. Members are able to create their own circles and must affiliate their circle with one of the guilds. A circle's members and purpose may not fit neatly into a guild, but they tend to join the guild that best serves their goals as far as providing resources go.


Circles are "sub guilds" or "companies”-- circles normally have their own unique names including the world Circle (ex: Thorn's Circle, Circle of Storm) and can range from a company of a single individual to a company of a few hundred people. Many circles have their own agendas and tasks (ex: A cartographer's circle solely dedicated to exploring new regions).

Members of circles don’t have to exactly match the purpose of the guilds-- it is more of a guideline. For example, a merchant’s guild circle can include an accountant, a merchant, a caravan guard, a supplier, and an entertainer-- even if the entertainer might be considered an artisan, or guard considered a mercenary.


Anyone can start a circle, and members can have numerous circles for their characters. To enter your circle into the network, you must have a circle name, emblem, and summary. Emblems traditionally incorporate circles, but this is not required. Emblems should remain close to the parent guild's color, but you can change hue and saturation. Acceptable color examples are listed in each guild's page. If you are unable to create an emblem, you can simply use the parent guild's emblem.

Create and manage your circle here. Only the creator of the circle can manage the circle, but anyone can request to have characters added.

Character ranks are entirely flavortext and do not give management abilities in a circle. A circle's information will appear on a character's masterlist profile.


Those who are not in any guild or circle are able to still participate in the network by calling themselves a member of the "Circle of Orrison", a way of stating that one is a member of 'the world'.

[EVENT] Ilya's Trials

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The weather turns cold- this is the birth month of Ilya. She is the deity who took humans and gave them protection. She is said to lurk in the darkness of the long nights, waiting for an opportunity to trick those who do not yet know themselves. It is a dangerous time to be adventuring.

10/4 - Chapter 1

Anonymity provides protection, but also encourages one to act without restraint. People wear masks to protect themselves from spirits, but many of the masked act suspiciously in turn. Effigies are built to condemn the wrongs of community leaders, and fun pushed too far can spin into acts of violence.

Still, despite the potential darkness of the season, there is an undercurrent of tentative joy, too. The freedom in assuming another identity allows one to experience life through a different lens for a short period, which can be very liberating. Others will treat you like whatever mask you don, and you are expected to do the same to them.


Chapter 1's prompts are both due on the 24th and each have their own raffle pool! Participation will put you into a drawing for an artifact, which will be the center of attention going forward for this event. By completing these prompts, you also have a chance at an Artifact MYO! More details will be released as things progress.

Ilya's Children must be completed before Ilya's Warning can be completed.

Raffle rewards (one per winner) for Ilya's Children
  • 1 Fysa Tincture
  • 15 Esse
  • 10 Esse
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • 50 Rep
Raffle rewards (one per winner) for Ilya's Warning
  • 1 Artifact

10/25 - Chapter 2

The night has come! The effigies have been built, the crowds have arrived thirsty for their harmless retribution, and the fire has been set.

But something is wrong.

Why does it smell like roasting meat? At first it is easy to brush off-- during festivities, even ones that are not food centric, vendors often take advantage of the crowd. But the smell turns more insidious-- the scent of rotting, the acrid smell of burning fur and feathers. The crowd shifts from joyous noise to unsettled muttering as the smell permeates the air. A quick thinking chimia douses the effigies, and the charred straw falls away to reveal charred bodies. Those who are closest reel back, and an alarmed cry quickly rises. Perhaps it is a mercy that the victims were already dead before the effigies were set ablaze.

The Aegis are spurred into action, guiding the crowd in evacuating the plaza and setting up a perimeter. In the early hours of the morning, signs have already been posted:

SEEKING: Information on a series of disappearances and serial killings.

A single Aegis stands at the bulletin boards, unprepared perhaps to take questions regarding the crime scene.


24 participants have entered the game-- and one of them is the killer. Participants have a week to seek answers! The first to correctly guess the killer wins the game, and an Artifact MYO Slot.

  • Each person only gets 1 guess! Use it wisely. Submit guesses here.
  • You may question the NPC(s) as much as you want! You MUST state questions in character. NPC dialogue threads will be in the comments of this event. For organizational purposes, a new NPC comment will be posted each day. You may continue current conversations in the old thread, but please start new conversations in the new ones. (talksprites  are  optional)
  • In the discord in #event-signups you may roll 1d20 once a day up to a total of THREE TIMES overall to make an investigation. You must state what your character is investigating beforehand (ex: going to try to ask around taverns).


the killer is one of these...

















































10/26 - Chapter 3

The city was sent into a flurry as many set themselves towards the investigation of the string of murders which had been ongoing. 5 Rep has been granted to those who participated the most in investigation rolls (Maria, Lepraton, Kamikins, Mellochase, Kouyne, and Countrygangrel). 15 Rep has been granted to those who posted the most interrogation comments (to Loch and Iphae).

The descriptions hashed together across multiple sources of information paint a gruesome picture-- a tolka with the fangs and ears of an immanu, who carries a lantern in the dark of night. Still, it is only one individual-- the Aegis focus their efforts on the north half of town, setting up patrols and blockades to try to apprehend this individual.

The trees of Ynoch north shake with trepidation. Vala hears the words of her mother: The killer has left his den and hides within me. The Aegis have secured the town, but who will hunt down the monster?


Due to the quick end of Chapter 2, an impromptu RP event is taking place in the discord tonight! All participants will get Rep, but this is mostly meant to be for fun. Please feel free to join us!

10/26 - Epilogue

After a rough encounter, it was discovered that the source of the chaos was an artifact. The Soul Lantern has disappeared for the time being, but at the very least it was purged thanks to the efforts of Vala, Lakas, Angel, and the sacrifice of Ynoch, and those it was possessing were rescued.


RP participants have had their REP distributed! The Watcher and the Soul Lantern have gone to Lei as the winner of the secret raffle roll for Ilya's Warning. An additional ticket has been rolled, and the winner (splatterclaw) will get the NPC which doubled as the boss of Chapter 3, OFF-218. Thank you all for participating!

Craft Updates

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Just a small list of updates which affect the balance of the crafting system and availability of items:

The Crafting Guide has been updated and it now has ALL recipes for reference-- recipes have been removed from item descriptions.

  • Cost Adjustments have been made
    • odd tune cost has been reduced to 20 scrap in the materials store
    • esse cost for crafting aria iii and fysa iii have been reduced to compensate for material adjustments
    • fysa extract was added, fysa tincture and fysa infuser have been adjusted accordingly
    • charged species items have a reduced cost of esse, but an odd tune has been added to materials cost
  • New recipes have been added
    • aria i
    • aria ii
    • fysa i
    • fysa ii
    • wagers
    • old masks
    • daemon MYO's
    • Artifact MYO's
  • Storm Chasing now guarantees a minimum of 3 Esse, plus random drops
  • Daemon Hunting has been added to resource gathering, and allows one to gain daemon resources.
    • Daemon resources are used to upgrade your daemon characters in lieu of fysa i/ii/iii.
      Only daemon's breath is useable at the moment however, as there are no uncommon/rare abilities for daemons.
    • Daemon resources can also be purchased in the Material Shop  for scrap.

The Daemon's Eye for applying the bond trait now allows you to add the daemon's character code before applying it. If you already have bonded, please DM me or submit a claim to get the info adjusted!

Fysa Trait Update

Posted 1 year ago :: Last edited 1 year ago by junijwi

Sorry for the pre-emptive news post yesterday! The traits for ALL elements have been reworked, with a lot of the fysa being fleshed out further.

Here is a cheat sheet for the traits:


Please feel free to ask if you have any questions! Every character's traits should be in order, but please let us know if anything seems to be amiss. You can either submit a comment on this news post, request help in the discord's #q-and-a channel, or submit a claim with the character attached.

In addition to fysa additions and changes, we've changed how the Aria item (used to give your characters fysa outside of their natural species) works. Now there is Aria I, II, and III, which are used on common, uncommon, and rare traits outside of your species' natural fysa. Rare traits additionally need that species' item (such as a curly whisker for rrex). Lastly, certain divine traits (all psyche and materia traits) have an additional requirement of a single odd tune.

Longevity has also had important edits that are worth taking a look at!


Site Themes

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It's spooky times! Site themes have been implemented-- if you're not a fan of halloween colors, please feel free to go into your settings and update your theme back to default. We'll also be working on a dark mode version of the site for users too, though this may take a backseat until the current event is rolled out!

[EVENT] Ynoch's Fables

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The 9th face of Mylic is the time of stories, and of the great mother tree, Ynoch, which exists in the swamps near the coast of Ichorrai. This is the time of the year when theatre troupes and clans are expected to give their best and biggest productions. Stories are told of incredible feats performed throughout the year, and many of these stories are offered to Ynoch's tree in return for wisdom.

Ynoch's First Fable

Ynoch was an ancient tolka who was famous for her storytelling. Her tales charmed generations of children, and her advice was sought by many leaders. Her first stories were about a trickster spirit named Migari, and those tales manifested as a fruit on Ynoch's tree, giving birth to the very first sentient chimia of the same name.

This year, Ynoch's tree is flowering as the heat of summer fades, and the first fruit in centuries has begun to grow. As the chimia inside becomes more prominent, many speculate about its origins, and many more are trying their best to remember Ynoch's tales. The first was Migari and Ivei's Light. As Ynoch's second child grows, many have already begun calling them Ivei in reference to that tale.

Migari and ivei's light (Summary)

Every deity had a domain. Some were born into it- others found it and claimed it. Migari knew exactly what he wanted- he was charmed by the light, the very same that the god Ivei already controlled. So he went to Ivei, under the guise of seeking counsel.

Ivei offered their help willingly, of course, and Migari accepted their advice with no intention to follow through. For each aspect of Ash that Ivei offered to Migari to command, Migari pretended to struggle to disasterous effect. Then, once Ivei was convinced of the incompatability, Migari would masterfully fix all the problems caused by their facade.

Finally, Ivei confronted Migari-- Ivei sees all, past, present, and future, and knew of the tricks-- but seeing as how Migari fixed their own problems and was able to address each element personally, was willing to trust Migari with some of their own light.

The fable explains why there is night and day, and is part of the basis for chimia's affinity with Ash as a whole. (Full Story Here)


Ivei: Watcher in the Dark

Born from Ynoch's tree, this chimia is influenced by her stories.

They have no eyes and no sight, but can use light to create planes which allow others to see glimpses of their own futures and pasts.

Chimia: OFF-212


Two prompts are available this time around! Each has their own raffle pool. Ynoch's Offering must be completed before Migari's Blessing can be completed.

Raffle rewards (one per winner) for YNOCH'S OFFERING
  • 1 Tolka MYO Slot
  • 10 Esse
  • 50 Rep
  • 50 Rep
Raffle rewards (one per winner) for MIGARI'S BLESSING