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NPC Slots

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We have added NPC slots! You can earn one by completing the NPC Prompt.

NPC's are bound to a normal character and cannot be traded/swapped/gifted once used. NPC's cannot be used as a main character for prompts, cannot earn rep, and cannot gain traits.

Designing and updating an NPC works the same way as normal characters, and they will get masterlist entries on the Add Ons masterlist! Like other MYO's, they can be completely overhauled at any time if you are unhappy with them, however you can change an NPC's species if desired.

In order to upgrade an NPC into a full fledged character, a new MYO slot item must be obtained and added onto their design update request (or linked in a comment if it's already been used).

Bounty of Ivei Event

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August 2nd - August 31ST

Ivei is a personification of the sun, a deity associated with wisdom, self-sacrifice, and ruler-ship. They give out their light and warmth, asking nothing in return. During the month of Ivei, it is common for the bounty of fishing and harvest to be shared among all. Those with wealth share with those without as a symbol of their power and status. Summer gift giving is about selflessness, philanthropy, and power-- the power of food!

Newcomer Invites

This month, anyone who already owns an Orrison character (whether a closed species or human with a masterlist entry) is able to extend an invitation to their friends! That friend will get 10 Esse, enough to purchase a First Time Owner MYO Slot. If your friend completes their MYO before the end of the month, you also will get 5 Esse! You can invite multiple people.

To gain credit for this event, please do the following:

  1. Invite your friend! Get them to join and have them submit a claim.
    The Claim Subject should be a link to your (the inviter's, not the invited's) lorekeeper profile page
    They should add 10 Esse to the claim rewards

  2. Help your friend create an MYO!
    They can use the 10 Esse gained from the claim to purchase an FTO slot.
    Once the slot is turned into an approved character, continue to step 3.

  3. Submit a claim yourself!
    The Claim Subject should be a link to your friend's completed character's masterlist entry
    Add 5 Esse to the claim rewards for yourself.

Invited newcomers can also invite their friends for credit, but must complete their character first.


Complete the  Bounty of Ivei prompt up to 3 times, which gives optional Esse/Rep, a raffle entry, & a badge for completion.

Raffle rewards this month include the following:

  • 1 General MYO Slot
  • 1 General MYO Slot
  • 1 Chimia Morph Item
  • 30 Esse
  • 20 Esse
  • 10 Esse
  • 5 Esse
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • 1 Odd Tune

More will be added to the raffle pool as the number of tickets increases!

Song of Aria Event

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JULY 1ST - JULY 31st

The 7th face of Mylic is midsummer, the time when Aria's voice is said to be strongest. July is a month for influence... It seems that this month, inspiration has struck an immanu called Ithika.

The Fysa Communications Relay (FCR)

An immanu called Ithika is the creator of the server and network which hosts central communications. The server is located in Ichorrai. The network takes advantage of the condensed fysa in the atmosphere to quickly send small amounts of data across long distances (text, not voice).

Anyone with a communications device called a Replier can access the chat, however they can lose connection when separated from the main atmosphere of fysa by heading underground, or encountering strong aria interference.

The network is simple-- private, one-on-one conversations are not possible, but anyone with the right device can access and relay talk on the channel.

Also, fysa can only take a signal so far before it degrades and is lost. Ithika is looking for help in installing repeaters to relay the signal further away from Ichorrai.


We've added tupperbox, a discord bot for speaking in character, and a chatroom for in-character talk. You can get initial rewards by simply creating a 'tupper' for a character and submitting screenshots of it speaking to prompts. Use the #commands channel to set up your tupper!


Tupperbox commands

  • tul!help
    get a list of commands
  • tul!help command
    get info on a specific command
  • tul!register "Name" Bracket: text
    create a new tupper! Their display name will be the Name you set. The bracket is the trigger you use to get the bot to replace the text. Replace the word Bracket with whatever you want the trigger to be. Your bracket can also be formatting. The following are all examples of valid brackets- you don't HAVE to put a name in and can just use symbols as a shortcut, but you must tell the bot where the text goes by using text:
    • Ithika: text
    • >text<
    • >>text
  • tul!avatar "Name" link/image
    add an avatar for your character. You can link an existing image, or copy-paste or upload a new image.
  • tul!tag "Name" Tag
    add a tag to your character. The tag appears after their name. Ithika's tag is [System Administrator], for example.


Complete the  Hello, World! prompt which gives Reputation bonuses to the artist & a badge for completion. You may also be entered in the MYO raffle for a universal MYO slot!

Rites of Valor Event

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June 1st - June 30th

The 6th face of Mylic is the month of the solstice and the month of Heis. Heis is the deity of order, a patron of the Immanu and the guardian of civilization. In respect for Heis on the longest day of the year, even non-believes will partake in the practice of Valorism for this time of the year, to re-align one's luck. It is a time of organization, contemplation, and cleaning.


About Valorism

Valorism is the most popular religious identity in Orrison, with the widest range of sub-religions. It is centered around the idea of many spirits and multiple small gods. It is acceptable in Valorism to accept one god or a few gods as patron deities to devote yourself to (many spirits are attached to locations, families, etc, and can be very personal), but it is also just as accepted to have no patron deity and to simply respect spirits as they are.

The backbone of the faith involves the belief in positive and negative karmic energy (not good or bad, just positive and negative) that affect the spirits, which in turn affect the physical world. Helping your own deities through prayer, encouragement, and offerings can help to maintain harmony. 

Every living being is a small spirit in and of itself, just with a physical body, so Valorism also teaches that you must treat others with respect as well. When one dies, their energies rejoin the spiritual atmosphere of the world (Fys). The state of their afterlife, whether pleasant or hellish, depends on the state of the physical realm. If harmonic balance is not maintained, the area will cause all spiritual life to suffer. Pressure is put on practitioners because their actions are responsible for the suffering of spirits, and their owns pirits will join them after death.

One can balance their energy by performing certain behaviors and surrounding one's self with certain objects and colors. This can vary from self restraint and punishment to reward and indulgence, as prescribed by Valoric Sages. It includes things like taking pilgrimmages, eating certain foods, and wearing certain colors. The prescribed rituals depend on one's mental state, build, health, recent actions, and eye color.

The Event

During this month, you can request a bingo card from the admin team in the #event_signups channel on Discord!

The card will be full of randomized art requirements, such as the example below:

If a character you own is featured in prompt art (any type of prompt, drawn by anyone) AND the art fulfills the requirements in a box, you can mark off the box! One piece of art can count for multiple boxes. You get 1 Esse for every completed row, plus 3 bonus Esse for completing the entire card (potential total of 15 Esse). Completing the full card also enters you in a raffle for universal MYO Slots (1 slot for raffle, plus another for every 10 entrants)!

Submit your completed cards, along with a list of links to all the images, through claims to get your rewards. The card doesn't have to be 100% complete, but you should only submit this claim once, when you're sure you won't be crossing off any more boxes (there will be a grace period of 3 days after the prompt deadline to get your claims in). Be sure to request the amount of Esse you're supposed to get!

You are encouraged to plan, scheme, and collaborate with your peers to complete your entire card (and theirs)!


All prompts count for this event, including Perpetual Prompts! There is also the Rites of Valor prompt which gives Reputation bonuses to the artist & a badge for completion.

Prompts & Crafting

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We are now launching the crafting system and perpetual prompts!

Perpetual Prompts

Perpetual Prompts are available all the time! You can complete each prompt once a month, for a total of three prompts a month. These prompts are like gathering missions, and will give you both reputation and a randomized prize. Most of these are crafting materials, but some are Esse and additional Reputation!


Reputation are points given to individual characters. These can be used to increase a character's Standing (essentially, their rank). They show how active a character is, and they're another way to make your character stand out! As a note, reputation is reset when a character changes ownership.

Crafting System

The Crafting System is also now useable! Items are earned through prompts, then can be used to craft upgrades instead of buying them. For the time being, only a handful of items can be crafted, and we will be tweaking this system in the future as we see how it goes.