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[Closed] [FREE RAFFLE] GST-070 OFF-295

Posted 10 months ago :: Last edited 10 months ago by junijwi

This raffle is FREE to enter and FREE to win! The winner will get both the witch and their daemon. 

The raffle will be rolled after 10 PM CST on Wednesday.


You can get additional raffle tickets by submitting a claim and attaching any Wager items to the claim. Be sure to state that you would like to enter for the current guest raffle!

Note that any individual may only win one free raffle for the duration of the advent. Guest Designers cannot win their own designs.


GST 070

The only child of two gravekeepers, this reclusive witch was met with both pity and suspicion when a fire took both of their parents with it. With their daemon as their closest ally, they explore the darker capabilities of alloy fysa now that they're on their own. They turn a blind eye to their daemon's methods and instead work on perfecting their craft in secret.

OFF 095

This daemon always has a kind smile on their face, and works closely with their witch. However, at the dead of night, they'll shed their clothes and adopt a blindly white form, and set fire to a village with their heat fysa. In the aftermatch of these fires, some claim they saw a white glow dragging their loved ones, before disappearing into the fire.

Raffle [Closed]


Design: malkavian
Art: malkavian

Raffled together with OFF-295

Raffle [Closed]


Design: Lemmy
Art: Lemmy

Raffled together with GST-070



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Lemmy is Killing Me

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