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[Closed] [AUCTION] GST-067

Posted 10 months ago :: Last edited 9 months ago by junijwi

Deep into the night, far past the time many have settled down to bed, one soul wanders alone under the star’s company.

Dark iridescent feathers stark against pale fluff, red eyes peering out into the distance beyond them. This mysterious leyr is not to be feared by the ordinary traveller, as their intentions are only to protect others from monsters who haunt the wilds. Their imposing appearance makes it difficult to find comfort in the company of others, instead, they must opt for solitude.

It is rumoured that this leyr once survived a feral daemon’s attempt to devour them. Now, merged with the creature’s essence, they must hunt and consume others like it to enhance their abilities. Ascension is wielded in tough situations to aid their fight against the monstrous targets. They struggle with maintaining control over their mind, as emotions easily become overwhelming in the unstable form. Misfortune follows like a mad hound; it is unwise to keep the corrupted hunter’s company for long.

Auction [Closed]


Design: weasleloop
Art: weasleloop
Starting Bid: $60
Minimum Increment: $5
Autobuy: $275
Auction ends 24 hours from last bid



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