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[Closed] [FREE RAFFLE] GST-050

Posted 10 months ago :: Last edited 9 months ago by junijwi

This raffle is FREE to enter and FREE to win!

The raffle will be rolled after 10 PM CST on Wednesday.


You can get additional raffle tickets by submitting a claim and attaching any Wager items to the claim. Be sure to state that you would like to enter for the current guest raffle!

Note that any individual may only win one free raffle for the duration of the advent. Guest Designers cannot win their own designs.


A researcher whose family traces back to the great scientists of Immitheus. Obsessed with fysa poisoning ever since they had a bout of it as a child, they've devoted their life to discovering ways to combat and cure it. Other doctors tend to consider them a bit of a loose cannon, as self preservation has never been high on their list of priorities.

This assumption is only compounded by their appearance. Having brushed too closely with highly concentrated magic in the pursuit of knowledge, they lost their face and gained a luto's mask in its place. Their split tail, likewise, was the result of poor lab safety.

Raffle [Closed]

Morph: Human Morph (Split Tail), Luto Morph (Face), Chimoraa Morph (Scale Plating)

Design: lasombra
Art: lasombra

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This raffle is free to win!


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