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[Closed] [FREE RAFFLE] GST-048

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This raffle is FREE to enter and FREE to win!

The raffle will be rolled after 10 PM CST on Wednesday.


You can get additional raffle tickets by submitting a claim and attaching any Wager items to the claim. Be sure to state that you would like to enter for the current guest raffle!

Note that any individual may only win one free raffle for the duration of the advent. Guest Designers cannot win their own designs.


A talented navigator who lived an exciting life at sea amongst a crew of treasure-seekers and explorers. They were the captain's best friend and shadow, and played the sensible voice to their sensational one. After making many discoveries and enjoying great success, the crew set their sights too high and strayed too far into the open seas, where they fell prey to a terrifying beast waiting behind the cover of a fearful squall.

The sailor tried desperately to steer their vessel to safety, but was ultimately unsuccessful, and was thrown overboard as the creature destroyed the ship from below. Despite being gravely wounded, the sailor managed to survive, though not without scars both physical and psychological. They rarely venture far from shore now, and hide themselves away, struggling with the guilt and the changes wrought by the ocean.


Raffle [Closed]


Design: leiurus
Art: leiurus

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This raffle is free to win!


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