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[Closed] [FREE RAFFLE] GST-049

Posted 11 months ago :: Last edited 10 months ago by junijwi

This raffle is FREE to enter and FREE to win!

The raffle will be rolled after 10 PM CST on Wednesday.


You can get additional raffle tickets by submitting a claim and attaching any Wager items to the claim. Be sure to state that you would like to enter for the current guest raffle!

Note that any individual may only win one free raffle for the duration of the advent. Guest Designers cannot win their own designs.


Once a proud figure, all it took was an accident to earn them the cracks across their body and years of misfortune. Even with their bad luck, they’re hoping to turn that around with the salt trail they scatter. This Luto's beliefs are nowhere as fragile as the glass they're made of. The salt they drop have faint traces of Aria. Across their shoulder blade is a crack, prone to sprouting salt crystal structures. Others aren’t sure where this infinite supply comes from or what to make of the sullen creature, so they often leave the Luto to sulk alone.


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