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[Closed] [AUCTION] GST-057

Posted 10 months ago :: Last edited 10 months ago by junijwi


A mysterious merchant that prioritizes all things alchemic, they have earned a title for themselves as a no nonsense trader, perhaps even accused of extortion when it comes to their prices from time to time. Their wings were torn by their own admission as they see no means for them as is - a foot to the ground is that much closer to the invaluable ingredients of the world.

Auction [Closed]


Starting Bid: $25
Minimum Increment: $5
Autobuy: $115
Auction ends 24 hours from last bid



junijwi Avatar
junijwi Staff Member

Reply here to bid!

2021-10-30 13:17:02

ShaylaAKA Avatar


2021-10-30 16:13:59

junijwi Avatar
junijwi Staff Member

SO sorry about the delay! invoice has been sent!

2021-11-04 23:47:24

ShaylaAKA Avatar

Its no problem! Just paid the invoice! :D

2021-11-05 13:32:47

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