the unseen



The chimoraa are distant relatives of the chimia, sourced from the same origins. Though largely different in niche and appearance due to their long time spent underground on a fys-drenched planet surrounded by subterranean wildlife, they are still close enough genetically to easily take on chimia Morphs.

The chimoraa have survived thanks to the tree of Ynoch, a large mangrove-like swamp whose presence filtered enough of the fys from the soil to keep their underground city safe. They have only now finally decided to emerge from their hidden society.

Not much is known about them, except that they are attuned to the divine element and favored by many deities. Their natural ability to manipulate space is perhaps one reason they have successfully remained hidden for so long.


Fysa Divine
Avg Height 4 - 8 ft / 1.22 - 2.44 m
Avg Weight 140 - 400 lbs / 64 - 181 kg
Diet Omnivorous
Life Span 30-150 Years
Sleep Pattern Polyphasic


As a chimia subspecies, any chimoraa can have 1 chimia morph for free on creation.

They are mostly intersex. Some adopt human gender identity, but most are agender.

They have a polyphasic sleep pattern, non-reliant on the sun or moon. Most times, this means 4-5 hours awake, with 1-4 hour naps in between. Many chimoraa find difficulty sleeping in the sunlight however, so this affects those who dwell aboveground unless they're able to find dark enough shelter for napping.


the range of physical traits


Chimoraa builds vary greatly-- and even more greatly than shown here, as they can easily have chimia morphs. It is important to note that most chimoraa don't like to stand/walk bipedal, and sit most comfortably on their heels like rabbits do.


physical traits


Face shapes can vary greatly. Snouts can be long, upturned, or downturned, resembling both moles and tapirs.


Ears vary from short to long, flurry or bare.


Shapes and styles vary.


Antenna and feelers are optional but common for chimoraa as their eyesight is poor. Any insectoid antenna are fine.


Different noses are also common, including tapir noses, heat sensing vents, mole noses, etc.


Mucus membranes can be any color.


Similar to the chimia, tongues have small barbs like a cat's tongue. Forked tongues are typical, but unsplit tongues ("spoon" tongues) are normal.


Teeth are similar to chimia.


Both upper and lower fangs can protrude. Tusks are also fine.



Here are some variations on eye shapes and patterns, but you're not limited to these (do whatever you want!).


Chimoraa eyes often tend to be lighter in color, and they have bad eyesight. It's not uncommon for them to sometimes be blind or have white eyes.

Fur & Scales

Fur varies in texture, length, and density. It can exist in any length, rough, straight, thin, curly, or thick. It can even be matted or woolly.

Plated or scaly skin is common and can happen anywhere on the body.


For plating, their backs are covered at minimum. Chests aren't often plated, but can be covered in scaling.


Hands & Feet


They can stand upright, but prefer to walk, sit, and run on all fours. Their long thick tails balance them.


Chimoraa movement is similar to hares and rabbits. They are actually pretty flexible despite their plating, and agile.


Legs are notably shorter in proportion from the heel upwards.


Chimora feet are generally furred, and paw pads are an option.


Toes can vary. Some have dew claws or thumb-like toes as a remnant of chimia anatomy, with more agile toes. Others have tapir-like thick nails. Most have hare-like paws.


Like with toes, paw pads are an option.

Hands have short, thick fingers of any number. Claws are normally thick and length can vary greatly-- many are often worn down from digging, but long claws exist.


Tail length varies. The average tail is the same length as the body.


Chimoraa have a tendency for thick, strong, heavy tails.


Here are some examples of tail variations. Reptillian inspiration is welcome. Bulbs, plating, etc are all valid.


the element of divine

Divine Magic

The divine element is the rarest and includes spiritual and clairvoyant abilities. It is an element that encompasses will, fate, luck, and soul.

The chimoraa are far fewer in number than the rrex, but their affinity for divinity is stronger. Most are naturally born with the Space fysa, and use it in the navigation and defense of their labarynthian homes.

Advanced magics are rarer than normal magics. Every character starts with one common ability within their category, and can unlock others through upgrades.

[Divine Abilities]