friend from a dream




Fysa (Magic) any

Average Height varies

Average Weight varies

Diet fysa and aria

Life Span infinite, but mortal


Daemons are created from the minds of humans through alloy magic. Their names give them shape and their bonds with others keep them grounded in the physical realm.

Design Rules

  • Daemons can be almost any shape or form. Max size is roughly that of a large horse.
  • Typical build is:
    1 face, 1 body, 4 limbs, 1 tail, in any proportion.
  • Any shapes and any features are fine.
    The limbs can be anything:
    sticks, bird legs, flippers, paws, wings, tentacles, nubs, hands
  • Their body is entirely a dark black substance with an even rubbery consistency. Their body can emulate claws, feathers, fur, scales, and other physical features, but they're still rubbery and not detailed
  • The bright markings on them (can be any color) are made of magic, and they glow in the presence of magic. There is no limit to how much of their body is colored, but any colored area will glow (including white). Daemons can have multiple colors and gradients, or be entirely colored, too.
  • They don't have real bones or internal organs and are extremely sturdy.
  • When cut, they do not bleed.


the range of physical traits



Daemons have wildly varying physiology, as their forms are shaped by the minds of those they are bonded to. Technically, they are creatures pulled from the literal dreams of humans-- their anatomy can be inspired by any existing or non-existing creature. The stronger their bond, the stronger the daemon gets. Daemons slowly become more sentient the longer they live.


physical traits and facts





A daemon's normal eyes will be blank and white. they are used for seeing magic. They navigate the world by seeing the magic in the air, flora, fauna, and people.

There is no color vision, but they can see in the dark.

Normal eyes are always on their head.


Daemons also have one eye called a "focus" eye. It is more of a window into their soul than an actual eye.

The focus eye is frequently the same color of the eyes of the witch who summoned them, but can change over time to either match their current owner or reflect their own identity. The focus eye can go anywhere on the body (even inside the body, but please state in design notes where the eye is), and can have any design.

There is only ONE focus eye.


Every daemon has a random elemental alignment to one of the 8 elements of Orrison. A daemon has one ability linked to this element that they can use.



INCORPOREAL - divine element
They can turn ghostly or gaseous and walk through solid walls and objects. some say they can see dreams.


MANIFEST - ash element
They can manifest and control a small amount of a single base aspect of ash: Flow, Heat, or Land. They can only control their summoned aspect, not a pre-existing source of it. Element color varies.


MULTIPLICITY - blood element
They can grow and un-grow extra copies of their own body parts such as eyes, tails, limbs, ears, or even heads.


DEATHLY - marrow element
They become stronger and shift to a faux-skeletal form when stressed or emotional. Focus eye doesn't change when shifting.


CAMOUFLAGE - clay element
They can shapeshift their texture and color temporarily to blend in with their environment or with other creatures.


SATELLITE - alloy element
They can levitate small objects or hold them in orbit of their body. They can create little asteroid belt-esque rings around them.


STATELESS - clear elemental
All of their eyes are closed and they don't charge Esse as well as others- but, they can purge any magic of any strength and they see through their partner's eyes.


ANOMALY - murk element
They charge Esse twice as fast. Their forms are unstable, either wispy or fragmented in a glitchy way. They are very malleable, but still tangible.


Daemons do not die of old age-- rather, they lose their connection with the physical realm when their partner abandons them or dies. Then, they fade out of reality over the span of a week or a month while losing their sense of identity unless they find another partner.

Daemons can also be killed if their focus eye is damaged badly, as that physically severs their bond with their partner. A slightly damaged eye will heal by itself over time.



Abandoned familiars can be dangerous. They behave more ferociously as they lose their sense of self.

They can be identified by their focus eye, which is blank.


Some witches summon daemons not as partners, but to use them as temporary fighters.

These daemons are weaker but lack self preservation. They do not have a focus eye and will fade if not destroyed.



the use of daemons

Daemons as companions

Daemons can only be made by humans, but they can partner to anyone. Many synthetics and witches actually create daemons specifically to sell.

Daemons are a reflection of their owner's inner spirit, but this does not always mean they get along. Self loathing and other flaws can cause similar aspects in a daemon's personality. Daemons also may develop to compliment their partner-- such as becoming more friendly for a withdrawn partner, or being aggressive for a shy partner.

Daemons gain sentience the longer they live, their personalities developing. Their intellectual development is similar to a human's:

  • 1-3 years as a very dependent being
  • 4-10 years with childish thinking
  • 11-20 years with varying maturity
  • 21+ years with adult sentience

Some talk, some don't-- it's mostly up to their partner, and the daemon's nature.

If well bonded, daemons can be physically apart from their partner-- they often do this to care for the house when their partner is gone or if they need to run errands, especially if the partnerhas multiple daemons. They can still somewhat sense their bond and as long as it feels like the partner isn't forgetting them, they're alright for extended periods of time.

Borrowing a Daemon's Power

Once bonded to a daemon, their partner can call on their daemon's abilities. With their daemon's help, they can temporarily use whatever skills the daemon has at their disposal (for example, a person with a satellite daemon may be able to levitate small items). They must be touching their daemon to use the ability.

To bond with a daemon and gain the bonded trait, visit Soul Searching and complete the appropriate prompt! 

Daemons and Esse

Esse is the currency for Orrison, and they are tiny gemstones inlaid in metal conductive coins. They can store Fysa and Aria, becoming a battery for machines and people. Daemons can swallow these coins, and when they spit them back up days later they are charged. Older and stronger daemons charge coins faster, regardless of size, but larger daemons can hold more at once.



Daemons can form mouth parts which have the ability to mimic sound making organs of most types. They can also project either their voice, emotion, or intent into the mind of their partner, depending on the daemon's level of sentience. The closer bonded the partner and daemon are, the further distance the daemon can communicate to their human. Daemons are always sensitive to their partner's intent and emotion, but can't read their minds and the communication is only one-way though.