dust to dreams



"Daemons and Esprits are both combinations of magic and anti-magic, yes. The fysa and the aria. Daemons are dreams pulled into reality, little songs with bodies. Esprits are dust made into dreams, matter turned into energy."

-Helpful the Esprit

Esprits are a sort of magical-equivalent AI. When one attempts to turn the substance of dreams into matter, daemons are born. When one attempts to turn matter into the substance of dreams, Esprits are born.

These Esprits have bright, quick learning minds, able to grasp theories and concepts quickly... but they have poor memory and grasp of emotions, on their own. By bonding to people much like daemons bond to people, they can use their bonded partner as a memory bank, referencing their knowledge and memories and acting as an assistant to the other. The complexity of their own emotional range also increasees while bonded.


Fysa Alloy
Avg Size up to 4 ft / up to 1.22 - m
Diet Fysa and Aria
Life Span Infinite, but mortal
Sleep Pattern Flexible


Esprits are magical constructs which have an affinity for magitech. Some adopt human gender identity, but most are agender.

Their forms vary greatly, but if they get much larger than roughly 4 feet, they're too unstable to stay held together and cannot grow larger.

They need to rest their minds, and sleep like other creatures. They are better at pushing through exhaustion, but sleep deprivation causes fatigue and delirium.


the range of physical traits


Esprits' appearances vary greatly, as they are mostly made out of a light-like substance. They can glow any color, including black light and ultraviolet, and can be multiple colors. Some esprits resemble bugs, plants, or creatures, while others are more abstract.


physical traits



Similar to daemons, an esprit needs an 'eye' or focus. Their focus functions similarly to a head, and can gently change shape to emote. A focus is traditionally a circle or eye shape, but can be other shapes like diamonds, or more detailed like concentric circles.

The focus of an esprit is the densest, most solid piece of them. While they can briefly squash and stretch it to get through cracks, they cannot disperse it and it can be damaged physically. This is painful for an esprit. If it sustains too much damage, the esprit will be killed.



Esprits are made of a warm, extremely dense 'air' like substance-- it is nearly liquid, but not wet. Their bodies are less solid than their focus is, and can be dispersed with enough damage or force. This isn't as harmful as when their focus is damaged, just uncomfortable.

Esprits are difficult to grab-- they can slide out of your hand like oil-- but if one holds onto their focus or traps them in an airtight container like a bottle, they cannot escape.



Esprits can enter machines by slipping into them. As their body is their soul, when they enter a machine, they enter it entirely, not leaving any body behind. They are able to manifest themselves on any screens, too, but they cannot use a machine unless they have the circuitry fysa as well.


the use of esprits

Esprits and Bonds

Bonding for esprits is optional, but helps to expand the limits of their mind. They can network with individuals, bonding among multiple, and creating a hivemind of information for them to draw off of. They can also bond with fauna and flora in addition to other sentients. They can only access the information of their bonded partners with permission however- the other person will feel a nagging sensation like they're trying to remember something, and must actually make the effort to finish remembering it for the esprit to be able to know. The esprit does not access their thoughts or feelings otherwise.

Esprits can be useful assistants for composers due to their affinity with magitech and their ability to access information.

Esprits who bond too freely may sometimes unintentionally end up with fractured identities, forming multiple versions of themselves in relation to the people they share their mind with. An esprit can safely bond around 3-5 individuals, and their bonds decay unlike daemons- contact must be re-established every couple months to continue the bond.

Esprits and Daemons

Esprits and daemons are two sides to one coin. Exposure to an esprit can cause a daemon to grow independent and fully realized. Exposure to a daemons tends to make esprits more colorful, their forms less abstract. These esprits tend to understand the nuances of emotion and empathy far better than daemons. They also tend to be more stable. Esprits and daemons can bond to one another as successfully as they bond to other creatures.

Alloy Magic

Alloy-ists conduct fysa through themselves to create something new. It includes the creation of circuits, the art of which is called composing.

Esprits have an affinity with magitech, able to slip in and out of it if they have circuitry. Their default ability, analyze, allows them to better understand how machinery works.

Many esprits were used as assistants and operators in the past, and would be warded into machines to prevent their escape so that important information was not leaked.

Similar to daemons, their bodies are composed of a balanced mix of magic, but in the opposite polarity. Daemons generate fysa inside of them, but esprits eat fysa. They are resistant to the ill effects of strong magical currents, though it is still possible for them to fall ill or die if exposed to either fysa or aria for prolonged periods of time (similar to humans).

Advanced magics are rarer than normal magics. Every character starts with one common ability within their category, and can unlock others through upgrades.