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The Kheiraa are a reverted form of the rrex-- rrex altered by Viis to resemble their lost god, Kheir, in their truth. Their form was granted as a prize of a grand race, a contest to determine the survival of their species after the Senescence.

Unlike the rrex, the Kheiraa are attuned to the Ash element. Many use Wind fysa, and this has been used to create a protective atmosphere around the floating city of Lireah they sheltered on for centuries. In addition to their smaller stature, Kheiraa also have larger ears, a shorter neck, a hooked tail, and 4 digits on each hand/foot/wing.

Some Kheiraa worried about being displaced from Lireah, but many more are eager to explore the world below that they've only been able to view from a distance for so long.


Fysa Ash
Avg Height 3 - 6 ft / 0.91 - 1.83 m
Avg Weight 110 - 200 lbs / 50 - 91 kg
Diet Omnivorous
Life Span 150-200 Years
Sleep Pattern Flexible


As a rrex subspecies, any kheiraa can have 1 rrex morph for free on creation.

They are mostly intersex. Some adopt human gender identity, but most are agender.

They have a flexible sleep pattern, as many kheiraa easily adapt to different rotations to fit societal needs (earlybirds and nightowls are both common in equal amounts and work shifts that match their sleep pattern). They normally get 6 hours of sleep, with a 1-2 hour nap siesta in the midst of waking hours (for example, from 12am to 6am with a nap from 4pm to 5pm). As such, their city has both an active day and night life.


the range of physical traits


kheiraa build varies greatly, though strength is not a huge asset of their kind.


physical traits


Face shapes can vary. Their heads are more mouse-like than rrex, with shorter snouts.


Large rounded ears are the most common, like bats or mice.


Split ears, pointed ears, floppy ears, and winged ears are okay too. Winged ears can be articulate but must still have ear 'holes'.


Ears can be altered by being cropped, furry (on both inside and/or outside), pierced, or dumbo.


Mucus membranes can be any color, but natural colors (pinkish) and black are the most common.



kheiraa tongues are giraffe-like and their dexterity helps with their speech despite their ungainly teeth.

The lower incisors can flex apart to sheer flesh like scissors in bites. Incisors are ground together when kheiraa are feeling intense emotion-- either softly in lieu of purring, or fiercely in lieu of growling.


Both upper and lower fangs can protrude.

Incisor protrusion is indicative of health problems, as incisors grow constantly and must be ground down to avoid harm.

Many kheiraa take to chewing sticks to deal with this.



Here are some variations on eye shapes and patterns, but you're not limited to these (do whatever you want!).


Lighter colored eyes sometimes come with vision impairment.


All Kheiraa have bat-like wings. There are 3 digits, though the membrane is a bit thicker than a real bat (similar to Ptheran wings) and their digits are not as defined through the wing.

When folded, the first and second outer-most digits are held tightly together, appearing almost as "one" digit. The space between these digits is also smaller than the space between the second and third digit.


At rest, Kheiraa either fold their wings to their back, hook their thumbs over their shoulders, or claps their thumbs together to wear them like a cape or cloak.

They are extremely good climbers, able to use all six limbs and their dexterous tail to navigate walls and cliffs.

The Kheiraa are actually not super great fliers, at least without help. Their flying is more erratic and less graceful than other species like leyr or ptheran; they rely on the power of wind fysa to manipulate air and make it easier for them to fly.



Fur & Scales


Fur varies in texture, length, and density. It can exist in any length, rough, straight, thin, curly, or thick. It can even be matted or woolly.

Fur can be any color.

kheiraa can vary between either fully furred (even on ears, hands, feet, and tail) and fully hairless.



Sometimes scaly skin or banded plates can occur on the legs, tail, and more rarely, the forearms.

Hands & Feet


They can stand upright and run on all fours with equal comfort. Their feet were not built for speed however- they are made for climbing.

The feet can be fully furred except for the sole, or completely bare.


kheiraa feet normally have 4 digits, with 2 of them being opposable "thumbs". Any number of toes is fine, however. Feet are dexterous, not as finely tuned as hands but still able to grip and hold. They can grab things zydodactyl or normally.

For both hands and feet, the nails can be colored, white, black, or translucent.


Wrists are defined and fingers are slender. Even if hands are covered in fur, the sole is fur-less.


Tails are prehensile, and tail length varies. The average tail is the same length as the body, but longer is more common than shorter.


All Kheiraa have a hardened 'hook' or spike at the end of their tail. This is sometimes plated like a rattler, and can make noise. Most commonly, it's a hook shape which is used for hanging or grabbing. These hardened ends can fall off and regrow like nails do.


Here are some examples of tail variations. The general shape is the same, but the fur style and length varies greatly.


the element of ash

Ash Magic

The ash element includes physical "aspects" of the world (like Heat [fire] and Flow [water]) and is the most common element. Its users can manipulate one of these aspects to their will. Although ash encompasses all aspects, kheiraa hold the strongest affiliation with the Atmos aspect.

The distribution tends to be as follows:

  • 90% Atmos
  • 5% Beacon
  • 2% Heat
  • 2% Flow
  • 1% Land, Force

Advanced magics are rarer than normal magics. Every character starts with one common ability within their category, and can unlock others through upgrades.

[Ash Abilities]