the drowned, luto subspecies




Luraa are manifestations of natural magic. They have a stone core which acts as a focus for their being, and stores their most vital essence much like how a gemstone holds fysa. Because Luraa form naturally in the environment, they used to be treated as 'spirits of the land' by many others. They were wiped out with the introduction of fysa and aria storms, but now that the storms have abated they have returned to Orrison.

Luraa are notable for their ability to possess and manipulate inanimate objects as extensions of their own bodies.


Fysa Clay
Avg Size 1 - 4 feet / 0.30 m - 1.22 m
Diet none
Life Span Infinite, but mortal
Sleep Pattern Variable


Luraa are composed of a similar substance to esprits, however they are far less corporeal than their spirit-y kindred, even being able to phase most of their body through physical matter (with the exception of their very solid cores). They must manipulate inanimate objects in order to interact with the world around them.

Sleep is important for luraa as it is for any other species-- they can push through exhaustion easier, but sleep deprivation causes fatigue and delirium and a difficulty in finer manipulation.

As a luto subspecies, any luraa can have 1 luto morph for free on creation. The morph can be used to change their core from a stone to a piece of flora or wood, to change their core to a mask shape which rests on the face, change their anatomy to be more quadrupedal, or to alter any one pair of limb with the freedom of a luto's form (ex: change arms shape, extra legs, etc).


the range of physical traits


Luraa features can vary greatly. Those who inhabit items infrequently tend to have a more default shape, while those who stick with certain objects may begin to take on the forms of those objects even when not possessing them.


physical traits



Gemstones have always been known to have properties useful for storing fysa energy, and have also been used to craft Esse coins used for storing larger amounts of fysa in a small space. This phenomenon can occur naturally, and a Luraa's core is normally comprised of a stone or gem which holds their most vital essence. Luraa are known to form naturally in the wild, and purposefully creating them is difficult due to the randomness of their spawning.


Any stone can be used to form the core of a luraa. This stone can be rough, polished, cut, or fractured, though the more damage it sustains the less it seems able to reliably hold energy. A luraa dies when their core is destroyed, and cracking it can cause them pain. To alter the shape of a gemstone for aesthetic purposes, fysa can be fed to a luraa while working their core in order to help facilitate healing and prevent pain. A luraa's gemstone also will naturally become polished as a luraa ages-- baby luraa tend to have rougher cores, while elder luraa have highly refined ones.


Luraa bodies are transluscent and can be any color or pattern. Their eyes tend to be simple in shape, but likewise can be stylized in any way.


Luraa all have the same base shape akin to a penguin, with a pointed face, two flipper-esque hands, two stub feet, and sometimes a tail.

Ears and Tails can always be any shape, size, or form. A luraa can even have multiple ears and multiple tails.


The proportions of this shape can be altered in any way, stretching the neck, body, tail, legs, or hands.


Luraa who inhabit the same items all of the time will eventually have those items imprint on the shape of their spirit. This can alter their base features into more unique ones, adding features onto their body or changing the texture of it.



A luraa can inhabit almost any inanimate object no larger than double their body mass. They can control every part of this object like an extension of their own body. When inhabiting an object, parts of their main body may become transparent.


In addition to manipulating the movement of items, they can alter the item to reflect the shape of their spirit, adding a luraa's ears, flippers, feet, tail, or head shapes to them. This doesn't affect the integrity of the object, and when they leave the object it returns to normal.


Complete possession that obscures every part of the luraa's body is allowed! It should be noted however that a luraa's core should be able to enter and exit an item without phasing through it, as it is still solid. A luraa can completely enter a stuffed animal with a zipper, but cannot completely enter a solid statue.


the element of clay

Clay Magic

Clay species absorb fysa and tend to be aggressively adaptive, changing their bodies over time to encompass new abilities.

The clay element is a malleable element which allows for a more natural state of magical "circuitry". While alloy is more strict in its rules with rune circuits and laws of science mandating its effects and applications, clay encompasses naturally occurring cycles and happenstances to trigger magical affects. Clay could be said to be the same set of principles that rules the weather cycles, the air currents, and the ocean currents. Like the natural balancing of the world, clay takes changes and accommodates them to an existing system naturally.

Because of this, luraa are able to manipulate other materials. Unlike alloy however which allows the control of technological principles, luraa are limited to the physical manipulation of their objects- for example, they can work a mechanical pump if they possess it as it is simply movement, but cannot work a replier like an esprit might.

Advanced magics are rarer than normal magics. Every character starts with one common ability within their category, and can unlock others through upgrades.

[Clay Abilities]