the travelers, the panacea


Wing-Less | Winged




Fysa (Magic) blood

Average Height 7 - 10 feet / 2.13m - 3.05m

Average Weight 140 - 250 lbs / 64kg - 113kg

Diet omnivorous

Life Span 140 -200 years


Ptheran are known for their acute transformation abilities that allows them to fly and, unlike the Leyr, they can transform at-will. Many others have always regarded them with some suspicion due to the fact that ptheran often shirked the structure of high cities and rrex/immanu communities..

Design Rules

  • Neck is long and flexible.
  • Ptheran have feathers, fur, and hair.
  • Their hands, feet, and face are fur-less.
  • They have long arms and short legs.
  • Their ears are articulate and convey emotion.
  • Their wings are leathery and flexible.
  • Tail is used in defense.
  • Ptheran are mostly intersex. Some adopt human gender identity but many are agender.
  • It's said that Ptheran physiology was influenced by soul binding magic.
Ptheran were once a nomadic peoples on Orrison before The Senescence. Their lore and markers still dot ancient trails. Found family is extremely important to Ptheran clans, and they treat other species as their kin despite being treated as pariahs themselves by others.


the range of physical traits


Ptheran can have a variety of builds and sizes. Keep in mind the proportions-- they still have longer torsos than legs.



physical traits


Ptheran have humanoid faces!


Ptheran ears are fluffy. Sometimes fluff on the inner ear hides the ribbing.


Ptheran have long and articulate necks which have lots of movement. Their necks look plush when contracted, like a crane.

They can look 360 degrees around themselves.

Necks can be plush, fluffy, or even like a mane, but there are always feathers on the front of the neck. These feathers fluff up with emotion.


Overall ptheran are able to have hair, feathers, and fur. Sometimes, scaling or light feathering appears on the face across the nose, ridges, or hairline.


Side-burns always frame the face, but styles can vary!





Here are some examples of Ptheran ear styles and lengths. This is just a loose guide of options!


Mouth & Neck



Ptheran always have pronounced canines and a forked tongue. Their bite is incredibly strong.

Both upper or lower canines can protrude.

There are ALWAYS small feathers on the front of the neck which are iridescent. Feathers on other parts of the body or head can also be iridescent, but it is required on the neck.

Mucus membranes can be any color, but natural colors (pinkish) and black are the most common.






Here are some variations on eye shapes and patterns, but you're not limited to these (do whatever you want!).


Most ptheran also have eyebrows.




Blood magic allows ptheran to have a degree of control over their body's growth and healing.

Using this, they can shapeshift their forearms into large wings for flight, and then shapeshift them back for running and balance. This is a growth and de-growth of their wing limbs.







Wings transformation doesn't take effort to maintain, it only takes effort to shift. Either form can be held indefinitely.


Wing limbs are able to grasp objects. Their palms/fingers always have padding.

Wings are strong enough to support the body's full weight, even when not flying.

Ptheran also have the ability to encourage their body to regrow lost limbs and membranes, allowing torn wings and tails to heal.





Ptheran wings can be amputated. On the left are full wings. In the middle are partially amputated wings-- this is done for convenience of lifestyle, but leaves enough wing that it's easier to regrow them in a few months if desired. On the right are fully amputated wings, which are very difficult to regrow and take quite some time.

Fur & Scales


Fur varies in texture, length, and density. It can exist in any length, rough, straight, thin, curly, or thick. It can even be matted or woolly.

Fur can be any color, but skin tones tend to be natural, tinted, or ashy colors. Scales and plates can be reflective without a color morph, while feathers can be reflective and iridescent without a color morph.



Scaley skin or banded plates can occur on the legs, chest, back, tail, forearms, and any other fur-less feature. This is common.

Feathers can be feathers, proto-feathers, or even scale-like feathers.

Left is minimal amount of fur/feather coverage. Right is maximum coverage.

Hands & Feet


Arms are longer than a human's in proportion to the body.

Hands are humanoid, and nails can be either blunt or sharp. Ptheran can also transform between blunt and sharp!

Arms can be covered in fur, or a tough and somewhat leathery scaley skin.





Legs are shorter than a human's in proportion to the body.

Feet are avian and can appear like most raptors (for example, hawks or owls).

Legs are likewise either scaled, furred, or somewhere in-between.

Like hands, nails can be either blunt or sharp. Ptheran can also transform between blunt and sharp!


Tails must be split forcontrol during flight, but tails can either be a membrane like the wings or feathered. A ptheran who has a tail which deviates from this often suffers in flight ability.


Some ptheran grow sharp bone plating on their tails or along their spine. Plating consists of 3-5 segments and size can vary. Like wings and claws, bone spurs can be grown and de-grown, essentially like sheathing claws or putting away a weapon. Bone spurs can grow sporadically as a fight/flight response.


These are ridge-like growths, and not the actual bone of the tail/spine itself, so play with the shape.



the element of blood

Blood Magic

Blood is known as a healing element, one that takes advantage of and encourages the natural functions of the body. It can speed the body healing itself, as well as fast-forward and rewind growth. Ptheran are famous for using this ability to summon wings on will by "de-growing" and "re-growing" their wings.

Advanced magics are rarer than normal magics. Every character starts with one common ability within their category, and can unlock others through upgrades.