rattus rrex, the king rats



Rrex are large, rodent-like beasts that, despite their ambition and success, are considered brutes by most other species. They are a very prideful race, but their kings tend to be well proven and fair.

They are fierce fighters, with jaw strength capable of crushing rock. They are known to use blades in hand or affixed to tails.

The rrex have historically always been territorial, claiming land and ruling rites wherever and whenever possible. Ruling class reflected military standing, and generals were often simultaneously lords of holdings. The rrex believe that their divinity gives them a right to stand above others, but their biggest flaw is normally their pride and ego. This same pride at least keeps them from fighting dirty.


Fysa Divine
Avg Height 7 - 10 ft / 2.13 - 3.05 m
Avg Weight 160 - 300 lbs / 73 - 136 kg
Diet Omnivorous
Life Span 100-120 Years
Sleep Pattern Flexible


They are mostly intersex. Some adopt human gender identity, but most are agender.

They have a flexible sleep pattern, as many rrex easily adapt to different rotations to fit societal needs (earlybirds and nightowls are both common in equal amounts and work shifts that match their sleep pattern). They normally get 6 hours of sleep, with a 1-2 hour nap siesta in the midst of waking hours (for example, from 12am to 6am with a nap from 4pm to 5pm). The acceptance in variation of sleep schedules arose from the need for respecting day and night rrex working guard shifts in military.


the range of physical traits


Rrex build varies greatly, though even the weakest rrex are stronger than humans.


physical traits


Face shapes can vary. Snouts can be blunt or a little longer. Jaws can be round or square.


Short, rodent-like ears are the most common for rrex.


Longer ears are not unheard of, though the longest ears are rarer to find.


Ears can be altered by being cropped, furry (on both inside and/or outside), pierced, or dumbo.


Mucus membranes can be any color, but natural colors (pinkish) and black are the most common.



Rrex tongues are giraffe-like and their dexterity helps with their speech despite their ungainly teeth.

The lower incisors can flex apart to sheer flesh like scissors in bites. Incisors are ground together when rrex are feeling intense emotion-- either softly in lieu of purring, or fiercely in lieu of growling.


Both upper and lower fangs can protrude.

Incisor protrusion is indicative of health problems, as incisors grow constantly and must be ground down to avoid harm.

Many rrex take to chewing sticks to deal with this.



Here are some variations on eye shapes and patterns, but you're not limited to these (do whatever you want!).


Lighter colored eyes sometimes come with vision impairment.


Nearly all rrex can manifest 'halos' aka crowns which reflect their state of well being. Although they reflect emotional state through brightness, resonance, movement, and color, they can be controlled with conscious thought, like controlling one's own breathing.


Some common mood variations:
Pulsation, transparency (like smokey or hazy), radiation of light or lines, flickering, gaining or losing details, dimming or brightening.

A 'stateshift' is when a rrex experiences intense emotion, causing their halo to invert in color.

Shape, size, and consistency can also change, becoming erratic.



Halos can be "flat" or 2D at all angles. Halos can also be 3D, changing with perspective. The rarest halos are satellite halos, which manifest around places that aren't the head.



  • Up to 3 locations for halos
  • Each wrist and ankle is one spot
  • Halos are traditionally around the head
  • Halos float/hover near the body
  • Halos can pierce the body
  • Halos can be mantles
Not Allowed


  • No more than 3 halos
  • Halos should not extend parts of the body
  • Halos should not be attached to large parts of the body

Fur & Scales


Fur varies in texture, length, and density. It can exist in any length, rough, straight, thin, curly, or thick. It can even be matted or woolly.

Fur can be any color, but most rrex are not as colorful as the other sentient species in general.

Rrex can vary between either fully furred (even on ears, hands, feet, and tail) and fully hairless.



Sometimes scaly skin or banded plates can occur on the legs, tail, and more rarely, the forearms.

Hands & Feet


They can stand upright, but prefer to run on all fours.

The feet can be fully furred except for the sole, or completely bare.


Sometimes, the opposable digit is a spur instead. This sacrifices dexterity for attack.

Toes can also grow more talon-like nails. Sometimes it's just the index toe, sometimes it's all of them.


Rrex feet normally have 5 digits, though any number is fine, with an opposable "thumb". Feet are dexterous, not as finely tuned as hands but still able to grip and hold.

For both hands and feet, the nails can be colored, white, black, or translucent.


Wrists are defined and fingers are slender. Even if hands are covered in fur, the sole is fur-less.


Tails are prehensile, and tail length varies. The average tail is the same length as the body.


Shorter tails are more durable but less dexterous, while longer tails are more fragile but more dexterous.


Here are some examples of tail variations. The general shape is the same, but the fur style and length varies greatly.

The Penitent

The vast majority of rrex believe themselves gods walking among mortals, as proven by the existence of their halos... but a small percentage of rrex believe otherwise.

They call themselves the penitent, and follow a deity known as Kheir. They believe rrex were made as envoys for Kheir in Kheir's image, and that they used to have wings as well as the ability to ascend the physical plane.

They used their strength for selfish reasons, and as a punishment Kheir took away their wings and cursed them with halos, a manifestation of their egos. It is believed that a rrex who can subdue their pride can be forgiven by Kheir-- thus, many penitent do not display their halos.

Any imagery of rrex wings are considered imagery of Kheir. Sometimes they're more bat-like, sometimes they're simplistic.


Similarly, a symmetrical, jagged marking across the back of a rrex is often called a wing mantle. They say that those born with this mark are predisposed towards either great success or great failure with no in between.


Some penitent cut the length of their tails and wear ornamental caps. Ears cut straight across are also sacrifices to Kheir.


Here are some common symbols and imagery used in the penitent. The mantle, or Kheir's wings, are the most traditional. Sometimes only one wing is drawn instead of both. With the discovery of the Kheiraa, the use of alternate symbols have appeared as well.


the element of divine

Divine Magic

The divine element is the rarest and includes spiritual and clairvoyant abilities. It is an element that encompasses will, fate, luck, and soul.

Although 'divine' attunement is rare for a species with a large population, the rrex's actual connection to their magic is comparatively weak compared to all others. Gaining strength in the divine element often involves some form of self learning or soul searching, which the rrex sorely lack. They make up for this with being physical adept, and their divinity at the very least gives them a bit of magical defense if anything.

Advanced magics are rarer than normal magics. Every character starts with one common ability within their category, and can unlock others through upgrades.

[Divine Abilities]