Marrow Fysa

Cycle Hibernal Awoken

The marrow element is one of two types of change elements. Marrow represents adaptation and change against the natural order of things. Marrow users are often shapeshifters, between either set or various forms and they shift with emotion. Marrow is the opposite of blood.


Deathly (Common)

Category: Marrow Fysa
Species: Daemon

Daemons become stronger and shift to a faux-skeletal form when stressed or emotional. Focus eye doesn't change when shifting.

Daemons can pick any common daemon fysa to start, but must use daemon breath to learn additional ones.

Non-daemons may learn this when their bond with their partner runs deep. A non-daemon must use either a Fysa or Aria I to learn this magic, plus a Daemon Eye.

Cycle - Beast Form (Common)

Category: Marrow Fysa

Beast Form is a part of the Cycle Aspect of the Marrow Fysa.  All leyr start with this fysa.

This is a passive fysa. Transformation occurs when an individual is experiencing high emotion or stress, and is meant to be a defense mechanism against attack. Some users keep a tight hold on their emotions, while others who prefer their beast forms purposefully put themselves into un-ideal situations to trigger the magic.

Transformation can also occur in meditative states, or in strong exposure to magic. Consuming pure magic to change is not recommended, as magic has a tough strain on the body.

Once transformed, users can choose when to return to humanoid form.

For leyr, beast form is normally roughly 2 feet taller than the size of the user, but this is a soft limit depending on build and other factors (and you can use less if you'd like). Beast forms for other species tend not to change in size by too much. As beast form originated from the Corvigere, their faces are normally bird-like, however beast form faces can present as any animal no matter which species is using it.

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Flight Capability: 2/5, cumbersome

Not primed for flight, but their enlarged chest muscles, lung capacity, and general rrex determination/stubbornness allows them to achieve short bursts of flight or long glides from high places.


Arms become wings, with 1 thumb and 4 extended digits. Thick wing membrane is nearly entirely opaque. Digits end in claws and paw pads are present on the palm, thumb, and at the end of each wing digit



Flight Capability: 4/5, excellent

Familiar with flight and better at flying in beast form than their normal form, Kheiraa are capable of agile movements and bursts of high speed.



Flight Capability: 0/5, none

Arms, hands, and claws become long and the body itself is elongated to an almost serpent-like degree with their hind legs becoming nearly vestigial. They are incredible at digging and slithering though narrow spaces. On the ground or in the water, they are extremely fast.



Flight Capability:




Flight Capability: varies

Capable of both quadrupedal or bipedal locomotion/stature. Leyr beast forms grow noticeably larger in size compared to other beast forms, allowing the small statured leyr to take on rrex and other large creatures.



Flight Capability:




Flight Capability: 1/5, poor

They sprout delicate moth or butterfly wings from their back. They are capable of only short sporadic instances of flight. Longer glides are possible from high launch points (though this is often idea l for the typical chimia arboreal lifestyle versus true flight).

Their wings are the most fragile, but will regrow completely when unshifting and reshifting.



Flight Capability: 3/5, fair

They gain beetle-like wings, sprouting from the back when needed. When not in use, they fold up neatly under the newly articulated plating on their shoulder blades.

Chimoraa wings have more strength than chimia wings, and their flight is noisy and buzzing.



Flight Capability: 4/5, excellent

Familiar with flight, but much more built for soaring rather than speed or agility. Ptheran forearms become even longer, somewhat resembling the limb shape of the wings with an elongated wrist.

Wings reflect traditional ptheran wings, though whether membrane or feathered should match the original design.



Flight Capability:




Flight Capability: 0/5, none

They cannot fly. Their forearms become "wings" that are more flipper-like and can propel them at great speeds through open water.

Their hind legs become even more cumbersome on land as they become shorter and more like flippers.



Flight Capability:




Flight Capability: varies

Wings sprout from back resembling a daemon's form. The quality of a human's beast form depends on how they obtained their beast form-- a human who gracefully grows into their power through strengthening of their body and magic will have highly refined forms capable of flying and resembling air-worthy creatures, while a human who assumes beast form through desperation or sudden forced mutation may have awkward, monstrous beast forms with little to no flight capability.


Their beast forms are rather flexible, with some being more suited towards other tasks (digging, climbing, swinging, etc). Daemon-black colors can bleed into the human in varying amounts depending on their state of mind, starting from the point where wings sprout from the back.

Cycle - Descension (Uncommon)

Category: Marrow Fysa

Descension is a part of the Cycle Aspect of the Marrow Fysa.

This is an active fysa. The user can conserve their energy and heal faster by tapping into a lesser form.

Lesser forms can be reduced forms of two types:

  • DIMINISHED: simplify one's features (putting away wings, putting away tails, shrinking size slightly) which only moderately conserves energy
  • REDUCED: revert entirely into a smaller creature (such as a bug, farefowl, kittern) which greatly conserves energy and enhances healing

Note that users of this trait can only have one effect per trait (if you want BOTH diminished descension AND reduced descension, you'll need to get descension TWICE).

If the user is not a leyr, diminished form normally reflects a smaller but similar species of fauna. If they are a leyr, it can be a miniature form of their beast form or some other fauna.

Cycle - Ascension (Rare)

Category: Marrow Fysa

Ascension is a part of the Cycle Aspect of the Marrow Fysa.

This is a passive fysa. An individual who has access to a vast amount of magic or experience might be able to tap into a new more monstrous form temporarily. Some have been known to lose themselves in this state however if triggered prematurely. These greater forms can also be accessed with practice and used with less worry when they've been "earned" rather than assumed through sheer force.

Ascended forms break the boundaries of conventional species anatomy, and can grant any number of physical boons or mutations as reflects the soul of the user: Ascended forms can be roughly 50% larger than normal beast form. The base would be similar to the beast form, but there's no limits to physical traits-- multiple limbs, multiple heads, multiple wings, gills, fins, transluscent skin, the sky is the limit.

If you are not a leyr, this ability also costs a balanced feather in addition to other learning costs.

Hibernal - Activity (Common)

Category: Marrow Fysa

Activity is a part of the Hibernal Aspect of the Marrow Fysa.

Passive magic is switched to an active magic-- that is, passive or uncontrollable effects can now be triggered on will. This applies to ALL magics on the user.

These now-active magics have greater strength and flexibility, but also a greater cost of energy and can be debilitating to use frequently or without Esse.

Leyr can use this to transform on will rather than on emotion, for example, but it is more taxing.

Hibernal - Release (Uncommon)

Category: Marrow Fysa

Release is a part of the Hibernal Aspect of the Marrow Fysa.

This is a passive fysa. Release causes one's magic to burn brightly, however this takes a toll on the energy and body. Users sleep for long periods of time between very short periods of wakefulness, but their magic is 50% stronger than their peers.

Hibernal - Somnia (Rare)

Category: Marrow Fysa

Somnia is a part of the Hibernal Aspect of the Marrow Fysa.

This is a passive fysa. Somnia allows one to sleep walk, being awake even as they are asleep. Users lose their grasp on the definition of reality, as they view reality and dreams simultaneously...

If you are not a leyr, this ability also costs a balanced feather in addition to other learning costs.

Awoken - Passivity (Common)

Category: Marrow Fysa

Passivity is a part of the Awoken Aspect of the Marrow Fysa.

Active magic is switched to a passive magic-- that is, active or controllable effects now only occur passively. This applies to ALL magics on the user.

These magics are either constantly occurring OR they occur outside of the user's control, triggered by emotion or time. This decreases the power of the magic, but also decreases the cost to use it, allowing it to occur more frequently.

Awoken - Suppression (Uncommon)

Category: Marrow Fysa

Suppression is a part of the Awoken Aspect of the Marrow Fysa.

This is a passive fysa. Suppression causes one's magic to be suppressed, reducing their power in other magic by half. This allows them to forgo sleep altogether-- instead, they experience 1-2 hours of trance-like rest each day.

Awoken - Insomnia (Rare)

Category: Marrow Fysa

Insomnia is a part of the Awoken Aspect of the Marrow Fysa.

This is a passive fysa. Insomnia severs one's ties to dreams. Users cannot use magic stronger than common tier, but cannot be affected by any other magic either.

If you are not a leyr, this ability also costs a balanced feather in addition to other learning costs.

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