These traits are caused by unique circumstances, including Fysa exposure, Aria exposure, or Artifacts.

Bonded (Common)

Category: Misc

The user is bonded with a Daemon and can use the Daemon's ability by maintaining contact.

Longevity (Rare)

Category: Misc

The user has an extended lifespan, unable to die from natural causes (they can still die from injury).

Some achieve this through artifacts, others through deals with deities.

Most can achieve longevity by entirely and utterly sealing themselves off from their magic, as the stress of magic on the body is what causes aging. Wildling immanu are the first to have discovered this, though many don't believe them. Those who are most likely to succeed in obtaining longevity are those with Marrow Fysa (Awoken Aspect), those with Clear Fysa (Cleanse Aspect), and those with Blood Fysa (Loss Aspect).

Users experience one or some of the following drawbacks:

  • No powers
  • Memory Loss due to being so long lived
  • Bound to rules if longevity was granted by a deity
    • Such as, being required to eat a certain substance
    • Or being unallowed to enter dwellings
    • Perpetual bad luck
    • Really depends on the individual!

This trait is free for those who would give up all other fysa and future fysa for their character.

Artifact (Unique)

Category: Misc

A special appearance of power granted by an Artifact.

Old Gen (Unique)

Category: Misc

This character adheres to an older version of species rules- this may mean different physiology or different abilities. This character can be completely overhauled. When re-designed, the Old Gen trait must be removed, however it can be exchanged for any common, uncommon, rare, or morph trait.

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