Coda (Rare)

Category: Misc
Species: Daemon

This ability allows a daemon to assume their own unique form based on another sentient species (normally the same species as their partner, but not always). They also get the base (default) fysa of that species in addition to their daemon fysa.

A daemon who has reached the Coda state has also reached independence. Their identity is strong enough to exist on their own, even if their partner dies and they do not rebond. They can sever and create bonds as their relationships and life cirumstances change (they can still only be bonded to one person at a time for using their fysa). They are fully sentient and adult.

They also become mortal, being able to feel pain and bleed and die. They can temporarily re-assume daemon shape to become sturdier, but can only hold this form for up to an hour.

A daemon in Coda state's eyes can be either magisensitive or photosensitive, in any combination. Focus eyes are not required, but can normally be found in similar locations on the body as their daemon form.

Daemons must use a daemon heart to learn rare daemon fysa.