Color Morph (Morph)

Category: Morph

A physical trait which allows for certain color features on any species. This includes the following:

  • Bioluminescence
    • Can be Self-powered glow through chemical reactions
    • Or can be absorbed UV which is then released in the dark
  • UV Reactive
    • Blacklight markings of any colors
  • Seasonal Coat
    • Coat colors which change depending on the season. Patterns stay the same, but can be the same color (ex: turn an orange and black tiger pattern into a pure white winter coat by changing both the base and stripes to the same shade of white).
  • Mood Ring
    • Colors of the mucus membranes and skin shift with intense emotion (this can be any emotion, such as anger, happiness, excitement)
    • There can be multiple colors, or just one color. There can be different colors for different feelings
    • Applicable areas include mouth/gums, eyes, inner ears, paw pads, palms, soles, gills, vents, and scars. You can pick and choose, or use all of them.
  • Translucence
    • Transluscent fur, feathers, skin, or other parts
    • Transluscence can affect muscles, internal organs, and bones, too
    • Transluscence can be used to appear see through or glassy