Materia - Entropy (Rare)

Category: Divine Fysa

Entropy is a part of the Materia Aspect of the Divine Fysa.

This is an active fysa. Entropy is a combination of chaos and order, allowing the user to sense balance. Users can both create and break bonds:


Users can tie the fates of two individuals together. An individual can maintain one artificial soul binding at a time, either between itself and someone else, or between two others. However, if the two individuals are either already close or grow very close afterwards, the user is no longer required to maintain it and can soul bind another pair. If one soul bound individual dies, their soul mate also dies. It is said that a soul bound pair will meet each other in the next life if reincarnated.

It is unsafe to use this magic without a source of Esse, but it doesn't cost energy to maintain a bond-- just cast it.


A user can dispel influence-- possessions, charms, or curses-- and break bonds. This can be spiritual bonds, magically enforced oaths, or artifact effects.

It is unsafe to use this magic without a source of Esse.

This ability also costs an odd tune in addition to other learning costs. If you are not a chimoraa, you also need a rough plate. Rrex with their default halo ability can give up their halo to forgo this cost ONCE.