Soul - Halo (Common)

Category: Divine Fysa

Halo is a part of the Soul Aspect of the Divine Fysa. All rrex start with this fysa.

This is a passive fysa that all rrex have from birth. It creates a halo of light (called 'crowns') above or around the user's head. A halo's shape, brightness, and color often reflects an individual's soul and occasionally emotion. To display one's halo is a symbol of pride, and as a prideful species, most rrex almost always display their halos.

Extremely humble or broken individuals wouldn't display a crown, as well as certain individuals wanting to hide theirs for a specific reason:

  • for stealth (as crowns do give off light)
  • to hide emotional state
  • to appear less prideful and more friendly towards others of different species
  • the rrex are hermits, wanderers, or isolated
  • individuals who lose love of their country and thus have no pride

Although crowns often reflect emotional state in small ways (brightness, resonance/frequency, sometimes rotation/speed), these can be controlled with conscious thought and practice, like controlling one's own breathing. Crowns that change drastically (color, size, shape) are called stateshift crowns, and often reflect very intense or specific modes of thought or emotion.

When an individual's halo is touched by another, they can get a vague sense of the other's feelings... but that person can sense the rrex's feelings as well. The better they know the other person, the stronger this connection is. It only lasts during contact, and touching a stranger's halo is extremely rude.

The common rrex is unlikely to unlock their full potential, but rogues and pariahs are more likely to discover more fysa down the line. This is especially true for those who willingly give up their halo ability, as the halo is a symbol of a rrex's pride and sense of self.

This ability also has the following costs:

  • an odd tune if you are not a rrex or chimoraa.