Harmony (Uncommon)

Category: Misc
Species: Daemon

This ability allows a daemon to temporarily fuse or harmonize with their partner. A daemon can only fuse with someone they are bonded with.

  • The total size of the resulting person should be no greater than the sum of its parts
  • Traits and aspects can be mixed/matched however one likes
  • All traits should reflect the two individuals. For example, the fusion should not have wings if neither the daemon nor their partner has wings.

In this state, their minds remain two distinct minds which can hide their thoughts and memories from one another, though they can communicate seamlessly.  Shifting into this state takes energy, but maintaining it does not, and splitting does not. Remaining fused for too long can be dangerous, as after 24 hours the daemon may begin to lose their sense of individuality and be overpowered by their partner. In this scenario, the daemon would be killed, their magic absorbed by their partner instead of remaining fused. The fusion can use all magics of the daemon and partner.

Because daemons are well balanced, they allow their partners to use their fysa for longer when they are fused, but if they run out of energy they are forced out of fusion.

Daemons must use daemon blood to learn uncommon daemon fysa.