Gain - Healing (Rare)

Category: Blood Fysa

Healing is a part of the Gain Aspect of the Blood Fysa.

This is an active fysa. Healing other creatures takes great practice and care. A user must become extremely familiar with their physiology and body, and have a lot of exposure to the other species.

A user can encourage another's body to mend itself using magical energy and its own resources (fat & muscle), but again pushing a body past its limits will spend flesh to grow flesh, and the person being healed can die of malnutrition.

A creature which undergoes healing often needs lots of rest and food. The older a wound, the more it resists healing. Magic returns bodies to what their 'normal' should be, and the body accepts old scars as normal after a time, including conditions from birth.

  • Minor Injuries: cuts, abrasions, bruises
    A few minutes of concerted effort.
  • Moderate Injuries: lacerations, broken bones, punctures
    A few hours of concerted effort- if rushed or not concentraring, bones may need to he reset with a clean break, extending the heal time.
  • Severe Injuries: old injuries, infected wounds, regrowth of amputation
    A week to a month, a few hours each day. Those being healed can only be healed for a limited time a day, otherwise their magic eats up their bodies and they could malnourish themselves. A hand would take about a week. A whole limb a month.
  • Critical Injuries: organ failure, brain damage, spinal injury
    Fatal wounds are difficult to heal and the patient must be stabilized before they can be healed.

If you are not a ptheran, this ability also costs a dark blood in addition to other learning costs.