Human Morph (Morph)

Category: Morph

A physical trait normally found on humans which is not normally found on other creatures. This includes the following:

  • dwarfism (50% smaller than average at most)
  • gigantism (50% taller than average at most)
  • skin (includes hairlessness)
  • claws
  • no claws
  • different teeth (humanoid, canine, feline)
  • split tail
  • multi tail (up to 3)
  • multi ear (only 1 'hearing' pair)
  • removal of traits altogether (plating, vents, wings, tail, etc. this is for these traits to be naturally missing, rather than amputated/removed)
  • human face
  • plantigrade feet/legs (including leg/body proportions as option)
  • moving a trait, such as immanu vents, tolka gills, or ptheran bone spurs, to an atypical location

In lore, these traits can be inherited through a mutation in genetics, or can be a result of surviving extreme exposure to magic.

Note: Extra/missing fingers used to be a human morph, but there no longer any limitations to how many fingers/toes any species has.