Beacon - Light (Common)

Category: Ash Fysa

Light is a part of the Beacon Aspect, which is made by combining Flow and Heat. All chimia start with either this fysa, Flow, Heat, or Land.

This is an active fysa. Users have lowlight vision and the ability to absorb light straight out of the atmosphere, creating temporary shadows and dark spots. They can release light as orbs back into the air to shed light on an area. Lights can be absorbed and stored for up to an hour, and many use it for distance communication or fishing.

When light is stored, the body glows. A user can normally control where they glow, though the more light they hold, the harder it is to limit it to certain areas. When full of light, even the eyes/ears/mouth glows. Unlike a rrex's halo, light manipulation is purely physical and not influenced by emotion.

Chimia with Light (and only chimia) can create hard light structures which behave like solid surfaces and last temporarily.

You must have already learned either Flow or Heat in order to learn this ability unless you are a new chimia.