Psyche - Omnipotence (Rare)

Category: Divine Fysa

Omnipotence is a part of the Pysche Aspect of the Divine Fysa.

This is an active fysa. Users can astral project while sleeping, leaving their bodies to wander the waking world. They cannot go further than 100 meters (109 yards) from their body in this state, and cannot interact with others physically in most cases-- they can interact with magitech and can pick up Esse. Daemons can see them, and magic can affect them. If exposed to too much fysa or aria, or if their body is disturbed, they are immediately returned to their body.

This ability also costs an odd tune in addition to other learning costs. If you are not a rrex, you also need a curly whisker. Rrex with their default halo ability can give up their halo to forgo this cost ONCE.