Gain - Regenerate (Uncommon)

Category: Blood Fysa

Regenerate is a part of the Gain Aspect of the Blood Fysa.

This is an active fysa. Over time, users can encourage the regrowth of lost limbs and membranes. This helps when their wings or tail are torn or cut. The healing of these parts still requires energy and food, and speeding a regeneration without enough resources will cause the user to lose weight. They can kill themselves from malnutrition if they overdo it or rush it.

The older a wound, the more it resists healing. Magic returns bodies to what their 'normal' should be, and the body accepts old scars as normal after a time, including conditions from birth.

  • Minor Injuries: cuts, abrasions, bruises
    A few minutes of concerted effort.
  • Moderate Injuries: lacerations, broken bones, punctures
    A few hours of concerted effort- if rushed or not concentraring, bones may need to he reset with a clean break, extending the heal time.
  • Severe Injuries: old injuries, infected wounds, regrowth of amputation
    A week to a month, a few hours each day. Ptheran can only focus on regen for a limited time a day, otherwise their magic eats up their bodies and they could malnourish themselves. A hand would take about a week. A whole limb a month.
  • Critical Injuries: organ failure, brain damage, spinal injury
    Fatal wounds are difficult to heal and the ptheran must be stabilized before they can focus on healing.