Repeat (Uncommon)

Category: Misc
Species: Daemon

This ability allows a daemon to perfectly copy or repeat the appearance of another individual. They can indefinitely mimic anyone they are bonded to, and can temporarily mimic others for an hour.

  • They cannot mimic that person's fysa abilities, only their appearance.
  • They must touch a person's DNA in order to copy their form
    • The DNA can be something like a hair sample and does not need to be fresh.
    • They need it every time they want to assume their form.
    • If they maintain contact, they can surpass the 1 hour limit.
  • They can mimic their voice, and even get a natural feel for the other's personality and mannerisms. The more they push into the other's personality, the faster they lose themselves.

If they hold the form of someone who is not their bonded partner for over 24 hours it can be dangerous, as the daemon may begin to lose their sense of individuality, lose connection with their partner, and go feral.

Daemons must use daemon blood to learn uncommon daemon fysa.