Materia - Space (Common)

Category: Divine Fysa

Space is a part of the Materia Aspect of the Divine Fysa. All chimoraa start with this fysa.

This is an active fysa. A user can distort space, making it feel larger or smaller than it really is for a distance of 10 meters (11 yards). They can distort space so much as to almost seem like they are teleporting, pinching the distance between point A and B so they can cross it in a single step (again, a distance of 10 meters or 11 yards). They can't forcefully relocate someone else, but can change the distance that person moves if they step in any direction.

It is unsafe to use this magic without a source of Esse.

This ability also has the following costs:

  • an odd tune if you are not a chimoraa.
    • Rrex with their default halo ability can give up their halo to forgo this cost ONCE.