Materia - Time (Uncommon)

Category: Divine Fysa

Time is a part of the Materia Aspect of the Divine Fysa.

This is an active fysa. Time manipulation grants the ability to slow or quicken time (max doubled or halved) people or things. It is far less energy to do this to one's self rather than to affect others. Lost time cannot be recovered-- one who speeds up their own time is essentially shortening their lifespan.

Time can also be reversed-- reversal grants the ability to reverse the time of any object or person... at the cost of one's own time. It can undo wounds and reverse memory, but the user shortens their lifespan in return. This cannot be done to one's self.

Those with this ability also have a sense of when they will die (from natural causes, not from accidents-- they cannot accurately predict when they will die).

It is unsafe to use this magic without a source of Esse.

This ability also costs an odd tune in addition to other learning costs. Rrex with their default halo ability can give up their halo to forgo this cost ONCE.