Incorporeal (Common)

Category: Divine Fysa
Species: Daemon

They can turn ghostly or gaseous and walk through solid walls and objects. some say they can see dreams.

Manifest (Common)

Category: Ash Fysa
Species: Daemon

They can manifest and control a small amount of a single base aspect of ash: Flow, Heat, or Land. They can only control their summoned aspect, not a pre-existing source of it. Element color varies.

Stateless (Common)

Category: Clear Fysa
Species: Daemon

All of their eyes are closed and they don't charge Esse as well as others- but, they can purge any magic of any strength and they see through their witch's eyes.

Anomaly (Common)

Category: Murk Fysa
Species: Daemon

They charge Esse twice as fast. Their forms are unstable, either wispy or fragmented in a glitchy way. They are very malleable, but still tangible.

Multiplicity (Common)

Category: Blood Fysa
Species: Daemon

They can grow and un-grow extra copies of their own body parts such as eyes, tails, limbs, ears, or even heads.

Deathly (Common)

Category: Marrow Fysa
Species: Daemon

They become stronger and shift to a faux-skeletal form when stressed or emotional. Focus eye doesn't change when shifting.

Satellite (Common)

Category: Alloy Fysa
Species: Daemon

They can levitate small objects or hold them in orbit of their body (they must be able to feasibly lift the object with normal strength in order to levitate it; their carrying capacity is limited by how much weight they can lift physically). They can create little asteroid belt-esque rings around them.

Camouflage (Common)

Category: Clay Fysa
Species: Daemon

They can shapeshift their texture and color temporarily to blend in with their environment or with other creatures.

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